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For our topic "What We Wear" we are holding a Year 2 Fashion show on Thursday 11th July in the afternoon (parents welcome and more information to follow). We are very excited and cannot wait for such an exciting event!

We ask that your child please bring at least one of the following: a plain t-shirt, skirt, scarf, hat or other item of clothing that is old, and that you don't mind being decorated, cut or styled! Please have your children's item/s of clothing brought in named before Thursday 4th July! (Next Thursday)

Please note that this item of clothing is going to be used as part of our design technology lesson, which involves cutting, PVA glue, decorating and sticking. Please don't bring any expensive or valuable/special items of clothing, it could even be old school uniform.

Unfortunately, children will not be able to take part in creating a new piece of clothing unless an item is brought in from home.