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17/06/2020: Home Learning

Good morning, Team Amin!

Learning for today:

PE: Find a safe space (Garden? Living room?) and do 10 jumping jacks, 10 squats and 10 bunny hops.


M: Start with a 10 minute practice of your number bonds on Hit the Button! How many can you get right in the time given?

We’re practising worded questions today now that we have had the opportunity to recap multiplication and division steps. I have attached  a mix of questions below (all of which are very similar to questions worked on before at school) that require you to use either operation, though you will need to read the question carefully to decide which one to use. Don’t forget that worded questions will need….. You may find some of these tricky - do not hesitate to ask for help, to re-watch useful videos I have linked or to recap the Bus stop Powerpoint online. It is easy to forget steps as we are not in school at the moment where steps would be on the whiteboard and working wall so do not worry at all if you need a reminder!


E: Listen to the next chapters of Varjak Paw if you haven’t caught up already. I have added some!

TASK: Varjak Paw has now been living on the streets for a while. He has made some new friends in Holly and Tam, but he has also come across some problems too (finding food, Ginger, the storm, the ‘dogs’). Thinking about how he might feel and his experiences, I want you to write a diary entry that documents some of his experiences and emotions. Think, today, about really varying and upscaling your openers and understanding Varjak now as he begins to turn into a street cat:

Openers e.g.

Despite the lack of food, I have…..

When I first came to the Outside, I felt….

Although the Outside is not as warm, I ….

Despite the lack of shelter, I have…..

Even though the Inside is….., the Outside ….


RWInc: Please find the relevant spellings and story text attached below for On Your Bike with today’s learning task.


Topic: Today, we are going to think about where all of our scrumptiously yummy chocolate comes from… because it certainly doesn’t just come ‘from the shops’! Chocolate’s journey is a long one that starts much further from home and our mouths than you think! Work your way through reading the ‘Where in the World’ Powerpoint that can be found in our Home Learning section in Year 4, Topic, Term 6 and below too. You might also like to watch this video for when you are thinking about where cacao beans come from and how chocolate is made:

This second video is lovely to watch as well as it documents the production of chocolate through a fair trade organisation and raises awareness for this too:

In the Powerpoint, you will find a selection of three different and optional tasks that you might choose to complete. I have also attached a blank world map below if it is of use. 


Extra activities:

R: Access the class reader Powerpoint if you haven’t already and listen along and/or read a chapter of a book of your choice. I have added chapters for you recently.

Help out at home: How can you help your adult today? Do you need to clean your room? Could you do the washing up? Maybe today you need to just hug your adult?


Happy learning! Don’t forget to send me emails/pictures! Missing you all as always!

Miss Amin x