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Home Learning, Wednesday 3rd June

Please see below for Wednesday's home learning.

Good morning Team Gunson. Here is your suggested learning for today.

PE: Choose one of Mrs Horrigan's tasks and give it a go!

Reading: Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth Chapter 2

  1. Why does Mellows think Prez is planning to run away?
  2. Where does Mellows think is his home?
  3. What seems to be Mellows' favourite thing to do?
  4. Name a few reasons that convince Prez that everyone else thinks Sputnik Mellows is a dog.
  5. What do you think is Sputnik’s mission on earth?

Maths: IALT use line graphs to solve problems

I have attached a Powerpoint with lots of line graphs about Mars. Today I would like you to go through the Powerpoint and answer the questions for each graph as you go along. All of the answers are there on the slides for you to check how you have done.

English: Today we are going to look at some more SPaG questions. I have attached the questions below.

Topic: IK: the structure and features of planet Earth.

Earth and Beyond  is a science topic. The subject of our planet and others beyond our planet has fascinated, puzzled and challenged mankind for a very long time. As time has moved on, scientists have developed a better understanding of Earth and space but that much of Earth and space remains a mystery. To begin the topic, we must first develop a strong knowledge and understanding of our own planet. What do you already know about Earth?

Do you remember the structure of Earth?

It is split into the inner core, outer core, mantle and crust.

I would like you to label a diagram of the Earth, then locate and label each of the continents, Finally I would like you to locate Great Britain on the map of the Earth and then find Ramsgate. The resources you will need are attached below.