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Home Learning, Thursday 2nd July

Happy Thursday Team. Keep going, it's nearly Friday!

PE: Indoor rally games for kids, if you have a brother or sister give them a go.

Mental Maths: Thursday  Hit the Button

Maths: IALT estimate the volume of objects

Maths Challenge: IALT calculate the volume of cubes and cuboids

English: IALT create a persuasive radio advert

Watch the Powerpoint I have attached. There are a lot o sound clips  on there too so don't forget to listen too. You will be creating an advert for the 'Vestibag'. If you would like to record it too, that would be great.

Your plan is to:

1. Question to draw reader in

2. Explain what it does

3. Give peoples thoughts and opinions

4. What is it made of 

5. Make them think they can't live without it

Topic: 50 space activities for primary school pupils

I'm going to post this website again as I know that almost all of you didn't;t gey round to it yesterday. It has 50 activities related to space. There is a huge variety  of things to do. I would like you to pick ONE activity of your choice for your topic learning today. Remember to post pics to Padlet or email them through to me if you can.