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Home Learning, Tuesday 14th July

Wow! So pleased to see so many of you yesterday. Looking forward to today too :) He is some more home learning for your Tuesday.

PE: Star Wars Kids Workout. Feel the force!

Mental Maths: Find the factors

Maths: IALT explain a remainder expressed as a fraction and as a decimal

Today we will use the context of dividing apples to explore how to express remainders after division.

English: IALT identify and answer questions in a text using inference

Look at the challenge cards (attachment). Each one has a short piece of writing followed by a question about it. Of course, the answer to the question is NOT right there in the text. You need to be a text detective in order to piece together hints and clues from the passage in order to decide on your answer.

Topic: Today we are continuing to  look back at our time in Year 5. 

A few weeks ago you all received a report from me about you. I thought about how well you have done this year, both in lessons and outside of lessons. I said what you had achieved, how hard you tried and what you would need to concentrate on next year.

That was, of course, my opinion. Now I want to hear yours. I would like you to write your own report for Year 5. Tell me what YOU think you achieved this year and what you need to work on in Year 6. It does not need to be as long as mine was, but I would like you to use your notes from yesterday about the year to help you. Think about your effort as well as how well you did.

Try to organise it along these lines:

  • Name
  • Personal and social (friendships)
  • Maths
  • English
  • Topic
  • Arts
  • PE