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Ramsgate Arts Primary School

Ramsgate Arts Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

All Things Great and Small

Stepping back in time!

We are really enjoying our new topic learning this term which will teach us all about life on earth before humans and explores the the biggest and smallest creatures of our natural world - the dinosaurs and minibeasts! We kickstarted our learning by understanding what "the past" really means! It's a tricky thing to get your head around but talking about and sharing events from our own past helped us understand the passage of time and why changes take place. We made timelines of our own lives and picked key events to place on them. Then we went much further back in time to our prehistoric past and discovered that the natural world does not change as rapidly as we do! We were amazed to learn that many living things that we see today have not changed much for millions of years. We did some fantastic drawings of these living prehistoric animals such as dragonflies and alligators. We also began to learn about DINOSAURS and started to look at all the different types of dinosaurs that lived many many years ago. We were so excited when our very own extinct dinosaur magically appeared and came to say hello in our outdoor area! We can't wait to go back in time and learn more about our prehistoric past....! 

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