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Ramsgate Arts Primary School

Ramsgate Arts Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Week 4 - Remote Forest School

It was great to see some of the elf castles and fairy homes you made last week. This week we will continue being creative, session 4 is called 'Rain stencils and sun shadows' (see pdf attached). Watch how the rain or sun can create patterns, shadows or shapes.

A little something extra....

While we still have some snow, here are a couple of activities you may wish to enjoy together outdoors. 

 Guess the object

Look at different things covered with snow and guess what they are. Go back once the snow has melted and see if you recognise the feature.

Funny footprints

Think up new and different footprint tracks in the snow. Instead of walking along, try jumping with both feet together or hopping. Do the hop-scotch. Walk sideways. Skate along and try not to leave a gap between your footprints. Do a funny dance. Is it possible to create an asymmetric pattern when you use both feet?

Track animals

Animal and birds leave trails and tracks. Find some tracks and follow them. Do this quietly to avoid frightening any thing or anyone.

 An arty activity in the snow - snow of wonder

Draw your picture or pattern indoors with felt-tips. Take it out and make it disappear in the snow. Does it work every time or does it depend on the type of snow that’s fallen?

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