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Team Kateley (Yr 3)

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  • Spellings

    Published 23/02/24, by Nancy Okai

    We ask that the children bring in their completed spelling sheets on Friday morning at the latest.

    Children that do not bring in the sheet will spend part of their golden time completing it.

    If you have lost your sheet, please ask for another before Friday!

    Alternatively, practise on a piece of paper at home and bring that to show us! :)

    It is becoming more common for children to not return the sheet, meaning that many children are missing part of their golden time practising their spellings. If there is a legitimate reason for your child to have not completed the spellings / left them at home, please email me :)

    Apart from our common exception words, all our spellings this week are words ending in -ness. 














    Have a wonderful weekend,

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  • World Book Day!

    Published 21/02/24, by Nancy Okai

    World Book Day is on Thursday 7th March! We are asking children to bring in their favourite book from home to share with their peers. Children will be asked to describe why this book is their favourite and recommend it to children in the class. They are encouraged dress up as a character from the book they bring, or they could choose to come in clothes they like to read in, but this is not essential. 


    During the day we will be completing lessons around 'How to be a Lion' by Ed Vere and taking part in exciting workshops throughout the day. Children will also receive a book token to spend in a local bookstore.

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  • Welcome Back! Term 4!

    Published 19/02/24, by Kate Maclean

    Some notes for the term ahead!

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  • The Viking Speaker Competition

    Published 08/02/24, by Kate Maclean

    See below details about the Viking Speaker competition.

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  • Eco Warriors Competition

    Published 06/02/24, by Nancy Okai

    The Ramsgate Arts Primary School Eco Warriors are carrying out projects to better our school and make us more eco friendly.


    As a school, we want to create our own eco superhero league, and we need your help to design our heroes!

    We have assigned one eco-friendly element per year group and we need you to design a superhero around this aspect.

    There will be one winner per year group - your design will be picked by the eco-warriors and will be turned into digital art that you may see displayed around different areas of the school!


    To enter, you need to return the letter that has been sent home (if you have lost it, they are attached to this blog post) with your design on the back, clearly displaying your name and year group.


    The deadline for the competition is Friday 23rd February 2024!

    Please return to your class teacher.


    Eco Elements for your Superhero:

    Reception and Year 1: Recycling and Litter

    Year 2: Electricity

    Year 3: Transport

    Year 4: Water

    Year 5: Eco Villain - a villain who is trying to not be eco friendly!

    Year 6: Plants and Nature


    Any further questions, please email Miss Maclean at

    Good luck!

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  • Number Day!

    Published 01/02/24, by Nancy Okai

    On Friday 2nd February, RAPS will be taking part in Number Day with a whole-school Maths-focused day!

    Children will take part in a series of exciting and interesting investigations, collaborating with their peers and working with different manipulatives and teachers!

    Keep an eye out on your class blog to see what the children get up to!

    Please note children need to wear school uniform on this day.

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  • RAPS Musical Showcase

    Published 31/01/24, by Hannah Dannell

    Click to read about the RAPS Musical Showcase.

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  • A tasty English lesson!

    Published 30/01/24, by Kate Maclean

    See what some of us got up to in English today!

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  • The Bronze Age!

    Published 25/01/24, by Nancy Okai

    In topic we have moved on from the stone age into the bronze age. Today we learnt how early people made bronze.

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  • Otzi the Iceman

    Published 22/01/24, by Nancy Okai

    Team Kateley have had a brilliant time learning about Otzi the Iceman! He was a man from the late Stone Age that was found preserved in the Otzi Alps in 1991!

    Scientists were able to find out lots of facts about him because his body was so well preserved by the ice. Have a look at this video to find out what his life was like and how he died:

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  • Spellings

    Published 22/01/24, by Nancy Okai

    Here are the spellings for this week.

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  • Times Table Rockstars Competition

    Published 17/01/24, by Kate Maclean

    Information about a TTRS Competition happening next week!

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