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Ramsgate Arts Primary School

Ramsgate Arts Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Washing our hands

Make sure you sing Happy Birthday at least TWICE...

This week in Team Spurrier we have been really focussing on washing our hands lots. We know that we should wash our hands before and after touching food, after going to the toilet and if we haven't done it for a while and we've been touching lots of things. We know that germs are everywhere and on everything we touch. We are trying hard to not touch our faces, mouths or each other and we are aware that there are a lot of germs around at the moment. We know that to prevent germs spreading we need to cough into our elbow, ensure that we blow into a tissue and ensure it goes in the bin. We have ben practising how to wash our hands properly to the song of Happy Birthday and then repeating. We know we should wash the front of our hands, back, inbetween our fingers and up our arm slightly, with lots of soap to ensure we get rid of the germs. 

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