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Our Team


Executive Headteacher

Michaela Lewis

Head of School

Nick Budge

Deputy Head of School

Hanna Beech

Chief Financial Officer

Traysi-Jayne Higgin

Chief Operations Officer

Lisa Blatchford


Emily Hughes


Local Advisory Body (LAB)

Chair of LAB

Mrs J Brand

Vice Chair of LAB

Mr H Palmer

Clerk to the Trust

Mrs N Costin

Staff Governors

Mr N Budge

Miss K Amin

Co-opted ‘Local Goverors’

Mr S Godwin

Mr P Votta

Parent ‘Local Governors’

Mrs P Aveling

Mr A Jackson


Class Teachers:



Year 1

Year 2

Miss S Spurrier and

Mrs S Smart

Miss A McCormack

Mrs J Barnes

Miss S Holloway

Miss N Okai


Class Teachers:


Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Miss C O'Flaherty

Miss Rees-Boughton

Miss K Amin

Mr R Gunson

Miss H Dannell

Mr A Beraet

Mr J Williams


Arts Teachers

Ms K Vost (Art & Design)

Mr M Brown (Art & Design)

Mrs Walton  (Music/Drama)

Mr J Williams (Drama)

Miss E Mays (Dance)

Regency Performing Arts Academy (Dance /Music)


Teaching Assistants across the school




Mrs B Pilcher

Miss L Merry

Mrs C Taylor

Miss A Griffiths


Mrs A Scarr-Steel

Miss D Taft

Mrs R Fox

Mrs M Fetherston

Ms C Ivan

Mrs M Clarke

Mrs S Easton


Mrs G Smith

Miss J Goode

Mr M Brown

Mr M Holliday

Miss E Mays

Mrs J Aldred

Ms C Marfleet



Admin Team
Chief Financial Officer Traysi-Jayne Higgin
Chief Operations Officer Lisa Blatchford
Clerical Assistant/Receptionist Mary Brown
Administration Assistant Aimee Trevelyan
Administration Assistant

Katie Huntlea

IT Technician Jarvis Deveson
IT Technician Nick Barfoot
Wellbeing Assistant Victoria Elliott


Sports Staff

Mr L Robinson and Miss J Goode


Premises Staff

Trust Premises Manager

Mr R Hutchinson


Mr M Georgiou




Mid-Day Meals Supervisors

Mrs J Aldred

Mrs M Clarke

Mrs M Fetherston

Miss L Merry

Miss D Taft

Miss J Goode

Mr L Robinson

Miss E Mays

Mrs F Debling

Miss K Best

Mrs E Norman


Other Support Staff

Road Crossing Patrol


Breakfast Club Supervisor

Miss T Cobbett

Breakfast Club Assistant

Mrs S Haji

After-School Club Supervisor

Miss T Cobbett

After-School Club Deputy


After-School Club Assistant

Miss J Gurung

Mrs S Haji