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Hello, wonderful artists young and old. I hope you are all doing really well and are feeling like getting creative! I have uploaded some ideas to get you started, remember working on these tasks together is a great way of modelling skills and having fun together.  Throughout this time it would be good to keep this work together in a sketchbook or a folder. I will attach some simple sketchbook making activities for you too.

Advice for Parents - Easy as A, B, C


You don’t need fancy art materials. Just provide access to as many types of drawing tools as you have in the house (even Biro’s are fine). Children can draw on opened-out envelopes or the backs of food packages. Be creative and don’t feel restricted by lack of “proper” materials.


Obviously a child needs a physical space to work, but they also need mental space. Once you are sure they understand the activity, try not to hover and watch them. Hang back and give them space. It’s also important to let them go off on tangents – if something captures their imagination and they follow their own path, then celebrate that. Now isn’t the time to know them back and try to keep them “on task” when actually following their own path at this stage is probably more important. 


Remember creativity is a very fragile process. Who doesn’t remember someone telling them they can’t sing or can’t draw, and then that person never revisiting that activity as an adult. When a child has made something, don’t be too quick to judge or dismiss what they have done. Try asking them to tell you about it (if they are younger), or try the activity yourself to see how the experience was for you, and then have a shared conversation about it. Be positive and open


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Animate Arts Company have a cardboard challenge they are encouraging children to get involved with. It looks fun! If you are interested here is the link for more information.

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