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At Ramsgate Arts Primary School, we follow the National Curriculum for Mathematics and aim to provide our pupils with a connected, progressive curriculum that nurtures confident and inspired mathematicians.


We recognise that understanding mathematics is an essential life skill and that all children need to become good mathematicians. This means that the curriculum and teaching need to address not only the mastery of basic skills and recording, but also have a progressive focus on real life mathematics and the more advanced concepts. At RAPS, we aim to develop a love of Maths in our pupils, helping them to see the value of mathematics in the real world around them. We want our children to develop mathematical habits of mind. It is our belief that children must master basic facts through practice and consolidation, and then explore key skills in depth and with carefully designed variation to work towards mastery. We want our pupils to be mentally agile and become creative problem solvers, who tackle complex problems with confidence. Therefore, we promote open and rich discussion during mathematics, sharing our misconceptions and learning from our mistakes. Where possible, we aim to apply mathematics in other subject areas too.  


In order to achieve this, we use White Rose Maths to support the planning and teaching of our Maths lessons from EYFS up to Year 6. These schemes of learning support the aims and objectives of the National Curriculum and provide many opportunities for children to become fluent with a mathematical skill and then develop their reasoning and problem solving skills. Maths manipulatives such as cubes, Dienes and place value counters are available in every classroom and, wherever possible, learning is supported with these concrete resources. This allows children to build a deep, conceptual understanding of the mathematics involved before moving towards pictorial and more abstract representations.