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Medical Information

Administering Medicines at School

If you require the School Office to administer a prescription medication, please bring the medication to the reception desk and complete the following form -

If you require the school to administer a home medication (for example, Calpol or Piriton), please bring the medication in and complete the form -

Please note: It is the expectation that the first medication dose of the day is given at home with breakfast. This applies to ALL medicines. Our staff will only administer one dose during the lunchtime period, and then any subsequent doses can be delivered at home after school. This is to ensure that administering medicines can be kept to a minimum during school time and cause as little disruption as possible to learning. Thank you for your support.


Pupil Injury

If your child has an injury, please complete the following form so that School staff are immediately aware and the appropriate precautions and safeguards can be put in place: