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What an Arty week its been...

Year 5 exploring Batik this week

From Clay Snails in yr 2 to collaged Landscapes in yr 4 and Batik in year 5, it's been a full on, immersive week in Arts Lessons here at RAPS. Students are working hard to create final outcomes and have been extraordinary this week learning lots of new skills. 

Why not ask them what they have been up to in Art lessons! 

Below is a list of items that I require for next term for various art projects, if you happen to have these items lying around then they would be gratefully welcome. Please take them to the school office for collection. 

Thank you in Advance 

K Smith

Any type of bottle top (drinks bottles, Milk bottles)

Can ring pulls

Crisp packets

Old costume Jewellery 


Small stones

Small twigs

Dried flowers/grasses

Small plastic toys (no larger then 7/8cm)

Puzzle pieces


Old Keys