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  • Parent Letter From Mrs Lewis Executive Headteacher

    Published 20/07/21
    Please find letter attached.
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  • Changes to contact tracing in education and childcare settings.

    Published 20/07/21
    Please find letter attached.
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  • Game On for Fantastic Fantasy Fun at RAPS ​​​​​​​

    Published 12/07/21

    A musical fantasy adventure in gameland was the special end of year production at Ramsgate Arts Primary.

    Year 6 children performed Let the Games Begin about technology-obsessed youngsters who visit their grandfather who becomes increasingly frustrated with their lack of interest for anything other than their phones and the internet.

    He reveals a pair of very unusual seven sided dice that were given to him in the Far East by a wise old mystic. Through the magical dice children are transported to another land and they meet Lady Fortune where they become pawns in her games. Each of them must compete against the devious, devilish diva in a game of their choice to win their freedom.

    The main characters - Vicky was played by Phoebe and her on-stage siblings were portrayed by Charlie and Louisa-Mae. All gave enthusiastic performances.

    Year 3, 4 and 5 girls and boys joined in and performed dances dressed as video game characters, Monopoly characters and dice.

    RAPS Arts Lead Hannah Dannell said: “The play was a fantastic success and it was lovely for the children to still get the opportunity to perform under the current circumstances. I would like to thank the Arts Curriculum staff for all their hard work.

    “The performance was recorded so the parents can still see the children doing what they love - singing dancing and performing.”

    Head of School Nick Budge praised the production. He said: “All the cast performed with great enthusiasm and they really enjoyed being on stage and performing.

    “Live shows of drama, music and dance are integral parts of life at our arts primary and once again the standard was high and the production was enjoyable. It was clear a lot of effort had been put into the whole show, on stage and in rehearsal, by pupils and staff.

    “I am sure that families will love seeing the completed video film we have made – hopefully in the next school year we can welcome them back in to school to see our shows, exhibitions and general school life for themselves.”

    Ramsgate Arts Primary School is part of the Viking Academy Trust with Upton Junior School and Chilton Primary School.

    *For more information, contact Head of School Nick Budge on 01843 582847

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  • Turner Contemporary Highlights

    Published 30/06/21

    Please follow this link: to view a video from Turner Contemporary with highlights from the last 10 years.

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  • Young Artists Celebrate Turner Gallery Milestone

    Published 23/06/21

    Children at Ramsgate Arts Primary have created a special art project to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the opening of the Turner Contemporary at Margate.

    The school, which enjoys strong educational links and partnership projects with the flagship gallery, wanted to mark the decade since the seafront art centre opened in 2011.

    Girls and boys from Year 3 to Year 6 learnt how to make an origami envelope. They hand-painted their envelopes and wrote birthday wishes and anniversary thanks.

    Art teacher Karen Vost said: “The card is like a mini art installation in itself - it can be enjoyed as a piece of art and interacted with when reading the children’s messages.

    “It was wonderful how much knowledge, thanks and praise for this art gallery the children had and they loved learning new skills while celebrating this important moment at the same time.”

    Head of School Nick Budge said: “Turner Contemporary is a marvellous creative centre and our pupils have enjoyed working on many projects with the gallery’s educational team, such as the three-year Pioneering Places public art initiative.

    “It has benefitted our development as an arts primary and we have worked with Turner Contemporary since RAPS was opened in 2017.

    “The strong sense of community through art is something we celebrate with our children throughout their time with us, and it is this same ethos that is so special at Turner Contemporary.

    “For a specialist arts school, the link with such a prestigious gallery is fantastic for our pupils and our staff. It is rightly widely recognised as one of the leading art centres in the UK and we are proud to be working with their team. This is an amazing journey that marries art and education.

    “The tenth anniversary is a milestone we wanted to acknowledge and the lovely artwork and installation by our children is thoughtful, colourful and expressive.”

    It is currently on show at the school and will be presented to Turner Contemporary as a surprise birthday present.

    Ramsgate Arts Primary School is part of the Viking Academy Trust with Upton Junior School at Broadstairs and Chilton Primary School, Ramsgate.

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  • RAPS Young Charity Team Makes A Difference

    Published 23/06/21

    Children at Ramsgate Arts Primary were inspired by their lessons discovering how charities work – and decided to put their learning into action.

    As part of their personal development learning girls and boys in Year 2 had explored the varied ways charities of all types benefit those in need.

    Their research particularly focussed on Porchlight whose work involves homeless people, and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

    Alice Rees-Boughton, one of the year group teachers and the school’s English lead, said: “The children were inspired by what they learnt about charities, how they work and how much they rely on kindness and the actions of others to support their vital operations.

    “Our Year 2 pupils wanted to make a difference and decided to hold a non-uniform day to benefit Porchlight and the RNLI. It was their idea and they were involved in al aspects of the event.

    “They determined that money raised would be split equally between their chosen charities and they explained to other children about what the non-uniform day was for and about the charities they were supporting.

    “Once the event was over, in a subsequent Maths lesson they counted out the donations that were collected and were pleased to record a total of £335.15. We are very proud of their enthusiasm, determination and kindness.”

    Head of School Nick Budge said: “This was a really valuable learning experience.

    “It demonstrated clearly to our children that their direct actions can make a difference, which resulted in a good sum being collected for two worthwhile causes.

    “As well as investigating the work of very important and effective charities, they also learnt how to organise and support an event and work as a team using their communication skills.

    “It was a lovely thing for them to do and highlighted learning in action, which is something we encourage at RAPS.”

    *Porchlight: It is Kent’s largest charity for homeless and vulnerable people.

    It states: “We’re here for people who have nowhere to go and no-one to turn to. Some are living on the streets, others need our support to prevent or resolve any issues that could put them at risk of homelessness. We can’t do any of this without you.”

    Contact the charity online at – 24 hour helpline 0800 5677699.

    *RNLI: The charity states: “We save lives at sea through our 24/7 search and rescue lifeboat service, seasonal lifeguards, water safety initiatives and youth education.”

    Powered primarily by donations, the search and rescue service has been saving lives for nearly 200 years. As part of its nationwide cover, it runs local lifeboat teams from Margate and Ramsgate to monitor the safety of water users around the Thanet coastline and at sea. Find out more online at

    Ramsgate Arts Primary School is part of the Viking Academy Trust with Upton Junior School at Broadstairs and Chilton Primary School, Ramsgate.

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  • Feathered Friends Make A Splash at RAPS

    Published 23/06/21

    Luv-a-duck – baby ducklings have stolen the hearts of children at Ramsgate Arts Primary School in Ramsgate.

    Girls and boys in Year 2 have watched their fluffy friends hatch from eggs in an incubator in their classrooms.

    As part of their learning programme ‘Life as a Journey’ pupils have tended and cared for the little creatures as they took their first tentative steps, watching excitedly as they hatched and then being entranced as they develop.

    They named them and loved watching them splashing around in the water as they had their first swim.

    Pupils also learned how to care for them, filling their water containers, giving them food and cleaning out their cage.

    As part of the overall topic pupils are also watching tapdpoles as they develop into frogs, and are growing sunflowers, broad beans and cress – they are taking part in a competition to see whose sunflower grows the tallest in the coming weeks.

    Head of School Nick Budge said: “This is an important topic for children to explore and experience life cycles first hand.

    “It has led to some important discussions and creative work, and the ducks have become very popular with children from all our age groups who couldn’t resist popping in and paying them a visit.

    “Hands-on learning gives education a better dimension and our girls and boys in Year 2 are really enthusiastic about their Life as a Journey adventure.”

    The ducks will be re-homed with staff and a local school and their new owners will be sending lots of photos of their life so that the RAPS pupils can continue to understand their changes and development.

    Ramsgate Arts Primary School is part of the Viking Academy Trust with Upton Junior School at Broadstairs and Chilton Primary School, Ramsgate.

    For more information contact Head of School Nick Budge on 01843 582847.

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  • Screen Detox Popular with Pupils and Parents

    Published 23/06/21

    Children at Ramsgate Arts Primary have been tasked to spend less time on their screens and social media.

    The initiative for the Detox Challenge was to reduce the amount of time spent on the activities by 50 per cent during the course of a week.

    Victoria Elliott, the school’s Wellbeing Assistant, explained: “The aim of the project was to start a conversation with children about the possible negative impact of spending too much time on computers and other devices and the effect social media can have on mental health and wellbeing.  

    “They have also considered the positive aspects as well and thought about using social media in a more mindful way and what they could do instead of looking at their phone or tablet.”

    The response from children and families was very positive.

    Olivia in Year 4 commented: “I have read more this week, and I have had better sleep,” while Kamsavy in Year 5 agreed and said: “I liked doing other stuff and I am getting better sleep.” Danika in Year 6 added: “It was easier than I thought it would be!”

    Feedback from parents illustrated more positive effects from the challenge.

    Comments included: “My child has been thinking about how much time they spend on it and consciously has been playing with their toys more.” “My child made a great effort over the weekend and played outside a lot more.” “My child played more with toys and played outside- he has done so well and I am proud of him.”

    All the children who took part were entered into a draw for a chance to win a voucher for entry for two people to the Field of Fun at Quex, which was kindly donated by the Quex activity Centre in Birchington. The lucky winner was Zachary in Year 1.

    Head of School Nick Budge said: “This was an interesting and important challenge and it was pleasing to see that many children and families found benefits, including the necessary improvement in sleep which is crucial for children’s healthy development.

    “We have a robust e-safety system with advice and information at RAPS, and the Detox Challenge worked very well alongside it. Well done to everyone who took part.”

    Ramsgate Arts Primary School is part of the Viking Academy Trust with Upton Junior School at Broadstairs and Chilton Primary School, Ramsgate.

    For more information contact Head of School Nick Budge on 01843 582847.

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  • Comic Strip Creativity by RAPS Young Artists

    Published 23/06/21

    The fantastic imaginary world of acclaimed illustrator Quentin Blake has inspired children at Ramsgate Arts Primary to create their own comic strip.

    Creative girls and boys in Year 3 have explored the core text of Blake’s story The Green Ship as part of their ongoing literacy studies.

    Pupils recreated the adventure using its main events and learnt how to use and include captions, speech bubbles - and thought, whisper and scream bubbles - and onomatopoeia.

    They also planned and designed their own illustrations linked to each box in the strip.

    Teacher Kiki Amin explained: “We really loved the story for its sense of discovery and adventure when the main characters find a ship made of trees and shrubs and go on some amazing imaginary adventures.

    “It linked brilliantly with our topic work on plants, so the classroom was filled with books about plants, plants we were growing and, of course, our Green Ship related learning.”

    Year 3 enthusiastically enjoyed the planning, creating, editing and publishing process and particularly loved being able to explore and read each other's final pieces to celebrate their learning and efforts.

    The staff are so impressed with the imaginative output from all of the children that it is planned to create a book of their contributions once the comic strips are taken down from their current display.

    Miss Amin added: “As their teacher, my favourite part was seeing the children starting to actively search for comic books to read at school during free reading and spotting and sharing key features they'd learnt about with friends. It really is amazing to see.”

    Head of School Nick Budge is delighted with the project. He said: “Literacy is an important part of our curriculum. Interactive learning such as the comic strip initiative demonstrates just how engaged our children are with their work.

    “They really enjoyed understanding the mechanics of this type of storytelling as well as researching such an immensely talented and inspiring author. Their interpretations and creativity are excellent.”

    *Sir Quentin Saxby Blake is an English cartoonist, caricaturist, illustrator and children's writer. He has illustrated over 300 books, including 18 written by Roald Dahl, which are among his most popular works.

    Ramsgate Arts Primary School is part of the Viking Academy Trust with Upton Junior School at Broadstairs and Chilton Primary School, Ramsgate.

    For more information contact Head of School Nick Budge on 01843 582847.

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  • RAPS Eco Team Supporting Their Community

    Published 23/06/21

    Playing a part in their community is important for children at Ramsgate Arts Primary.

    So they were eager to help out in The Great Ramsgate Spring Clean as part of their own ongoing environmental awareness campaign.

    The young pupils were part of the action organised by town mayor Cllr Raushan Ara and they collected their litter pickers and bags at the Salvation Army HQ and set to work in small groups.

    Year 5 teacher Hannah Dannell said: “They were keen to get on with the job, and we were fortunate to have support from their families who joined in as well.

    “Our theme in RE lessons at the moment is ‘community’ so we thought this would be a great way to do our bit for the benefit of others and for the area.

    “We also got to keep the litter pickers, so we can use them as part of our eco programme at RAPS where we work to keep our own environment clean and tidy.”

    Earlier this year, Year 1 pupil Harrison showed his determined support for the school’s ongoing message of ‘caring for the environment never stops’ when he decided to don gloves and bin bags and collect litter on his way home from school.

    And Reception children have been finding out about people who are working to save the planet in their People Around the World topic, and have come up with a range of environmentally-friendly ideas. These include share a bath, remember to turn off the taps, lights and heating, walk and cycle more, plant more trees and flowers, pick up litter, and look after the bees.

    And pupils across the school are supporting RAPS three Rs ethos – reduce, recycle, re-use.

    Deputy Head of School Hanna Beech said: “We believe that if we can help young people understand environmental damage, they can take conscious decisions and actions to protect the planet. 

    “From learning about the basics of recycling to understanding renewable energies, by the time our pupils leave in Year 6 they do so with a strong foundational knowledge of how to look after our world and, crucially, why this is so important.”

    She explained how RAPS develops awareness and understanding of all aspects of sustainability and recycling: “Our school community values caring for the environment to ensure there is healthy and happy world for future generations to enjoy. “

    Throughout their time at RAPS, pupils have the opportunity to learn about the environment in each year group ranging from recycling and litter, through the impact of humans on the environment, deforestation, climate change, pollution conservations, fair trade and renewable and non-renewable energy.

    Diversity, ecology and the environment are also ongoing themes from collaborative community projects by RAPS with The National Gallery, Turner Contemporary Gallery, the Newington Copse Project, Dreamland Margate, plus visiting artists and arts leaders in music, drama and dance.

    Ramsgate Arts Primary School is part of the Viking Academy Trust with Upton Junior School and Chilton Primary School.

    *For more information, contact Head of School Nick Budge on 01843 582847

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  • Hair Horror Happiness at RAPS

    Published 03/11/20

    A horror hair day saw children and staff transformed by all manner of spooky styles at Ramsgate Arts Primary School.

    The freaky Friday last day of term invited pupils to ‘hair’em, scare’em’ in a sponsored fund-raiser led by the Parent Council.

    Classrooms and corridors saw the usually smart hair of boys and girls of all ages replaced by a whole range of weird, wild and wonderful creations.

    The frightful hair force included cobwebs, spiders, vampire bats, outrageous Mohican styles, and some sprouting twigs.

    Head of School Nick Budge said: “It was hair-raising alright. There was some creepy coiffure on display all day and our pupils and staff really worked hard on their horror hair show.

    “The imagination, ingenuity and creativity was fantastic and the Parent Council idea for a pre-Halloween event to mark the end of a challenging term for our pupils was a super scary success.

    “Since school returned in early September everyone associated with RAPS has worked together to ensure that our learning continued to remain innovative, challenging and fun. Events like this underpin our aims and objectives perfectly.”

    The ghoulish event raised more than £200 to support the Parent Council’s latest project which is the creation of a kitchen garden in the school grounds.

    Ramsgate Arts Primary School is part of the Viking Academy Trust with Upton Junior School at Broadstairs and Chilton Primary School, Ramsgate.

    For more information contact Head of School Nick Budge on 01843 582847.

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  • Creative Copse Play for RAPS

    Published 03/11/20

    A woodland world of discovery awaited young explorers from Ramsgate Arts Primary at the Newington Copse outdoor nature play centre.

    Girls and boys from the Early Years classes were captivated by the diverse range of activities delivered by professional artists at the wooded area.

    Workshops include making leafy hairstyles with leaves, petals and found objects; creating bug hotels for tiny creatures using mud, straw and bamboo; making seed bombs; making their own 3D model of the copse; exploring the woods discovering wildlife and pond-dipping.

    The young visitors from RAPS were enthralled and excited. Loki said: “I really liked the red bug, it's called a centipede," while Maisie added: “I liked making a bug hotel.” Alfie explained: “I touched a worm, it felt squishy.”

    Teacher Jess Barnes said: “The children were so engaged in the range of activities on offer. They particularly enjoyed going on a bug hunt around the site; finding a toad and lots of centipedes. They were amazed by how many legs a centipede has.

    “They learnt about the different materials they could use to make a bug hotel, thinking very carefully about what each insect needs. The children worked collaboratively to start building a 3D model of the trees within the copse using a range of materials.

    “It was a great opportunity for the children to be in nature, exploring the surroundings and being creative in ways they maybe haven’t experienced before.

    “They returned to school inspired by the activities and have been using their child-initiated time to try out some of the new skills they have learnt. They are so excited about their trip to the copse.”

    Artist and creative producer Nova Marshall from Copse Play said: “The copse is an under-used resource that lies in the community of Newington. It is a hidden gem.

    “The idea of Copse Play came about from various conversations that I had with members of the community – families, discussions with teachers, children and young people that attend the local youth club – who all talk so animatedly about the copse, and how much they enjoy the space. Marry this with the evidence that children are getting fewer opportunities to interact with nature, the idea of Copse Play was born.

    “The project allows the children to interact with nature in fun and inspiring ways, work with professional artists whilst being immersed in nature creating artwork inspired by what surrounds them.

    “The benefits of spending time outdoors improves physical, mental and social well-being and the opportunity to develop an interest in and understanding of nature.”

    RAPS Head of School Nick Budge is a firm believer of outdoor learning. He said: “Whenever possible we offer our children the chance to visit new learning environments like the copse and forest schools.

    “It is another dimension for their education and shows them from an early age that learning is all around them, not just in a classroom.

    “Initiatives like this enhances teamwork, communication skills, problem-solving and decision-making, and is beneficial for our children’s wellbeing.

    “We are developing our own outside learning spaces at RAPS with specially designated areas. The project is ongoing and is supported by our Parent Council. The next phase is a kitchen garden.”

    ​​​​​​​*Copse Play is an outdoor nature play project for children, young people and families who live in Newington, Ramsgate led by aim4 Partnerships CiC and funded by Kent County Council’s Early Help and Preventative Services and in partnership with Newington Big Local and Creative Newington, part of the Creative Civic Change programme.

    Ramsgate Arts Primary School is part of the Viking Academy Trust with Upton Junior School at Broadstairs and Chilton Primary School, Ramsgate.

    For more information contact Head of School Nick Budge on 01843 582847.

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