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Ramsgate Arts Primary School

Ramsgate Arts Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

I am Henry finch

By Alexis Deacon

During Literacy week Team Spurrier and Team Barnes studied the text 'I am Henry Finch' by Alexis Deacon, who we were lucky enough to have a workshop with on World Book Day too. We read the book and discussed what we thought it might be about. We decided that Henry was brave and was the first finch to have a thought on his own but this had a downside as he ended up in a beast's tummy. He overcame his sadness and went on an amazing journey and told all of the other finches when he got back. We turned ourselves into finches, went on our own amazing adventures and wrote all about it, created fingerprint finch pictures (like the illustrations), listened to emotive music and made doodles and let our imagination take over, re-told the story from our prospective and so much more. I think you will agree from the display that we really enjoyed this text and got so much from the brave first thought that Henry had. Make sure you have a look at the display located in the downstairs corridor. 

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