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Ramsgate Arts Primary School

Ramsgate Arts Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Daily Challenges: Tuesday 21st April

I am so proud of all your achievements so far, here are today's challenges...

Happy Tuesday Team Spurrier,

Wow the Padlet went crazy yesterday. Thank you for all of your amazing videos and photos, they’re amazing. Please can you all reach out to your class friends as there are some children who I haven’t heard from yet and they may be unaware that the blog and Padlet exists.

Here are today’s challenges, who will be my next RAPS home learning star?

Maths: Counting: Counting in 10’s 

Starter Challenge: Can you write your counting in 10’s down. Do you see a pattern? What is it? Can you look at the 10’s on a hundred square? Which one comes next?

 Challenge: Can you explain what an estimate is? Can you estimate the amount of a group of objects? Remember it’s a sensible guess. Estimating and counting socks from the sock drawer. Can you estimate how many socks are in the basket? • Tip the socks out on to the floor. • Now can you spot any groups of socks together? • Can you estimate again then check how many there are by counting them?  Challenge: Can you write the number of how many you think you have before counting them. When might we use estimating in everyday life? 

See attached powerpoint and sheets for more estimating fun and challenges. Estimating how many under the sea creatures there are.

RWI : Here is today's sound for each group. 

Please record in yellow book. -Two lines of handwriting of the sound with finger spaces, three spellings with the sound in and record the sentence with a capital letter and full stop.  I have attached a photo of how you may want to lay the home learning out in your yellow book. 

Miss Spurrier’s group-  oo- poo at the zoo.  

Words for spelling: poo, zoo, boo 

Sentence: Poo at the zoo.  

Miss Taft’s group- k- kangeroo 

Words for blending: kit, kick,  king. 

Spelling: kit, kip 

Mrs Barnes’ group- kn- knock knock 

Words for spelling:  knock, knit, knight.  

Sentence: I knocked at the door for the knight.  

Miss Merry’s group- kn- knock knock 

Words for spelling: knock, knit, knight.  

Sentence: I can knock.

RWI LIVE lessons:

Set 1  

speed sounds- 9:30am 

word time (green words)- 9:45am  

Spellings- 10am 


Set 2 

Speed sounds and word time- 10am  

Spellings- 10:15am  


Set 3  

Speed sounds and word time- 10:30am  

Spelling- 10:45am 


Story time with Nick (Mon, Wed, Fri)- 2pm

Please see the 'learning at home file' for the handwriting patters, sounds and phrases, red words and alien words. 


Theme: Growth 

Main: The Tiny seed- music and dance  

Challenge: Movement and music: 

Encourage the children to experiment with different ways of travelling e.g. hopping over the hot sand, jumping over the tall waves, moving slowly/quickly as the wind changes speed and direction.  Musical instruments could also be used to add sound effects to the story e.g. wood blocks for the birds pecking at the seeds or a shaker to show the seeds being blown along in the wind. Can you create your own musical instruments with things from around the home. E.g. a shaker from a bottle with rice in etc.  

Upload your photos and videos of the tiny seed to the padlet.  




Miss Dannell sent us a great link that some of you may want to try. It is learning sign language together through songs and dances with a competition if you would like to enter.


I hope you have a great day of learning. Don’t forget to check out the Padlet and post some funny things to your friends. Please remember to put your name in the comments and on your post as they all show up as ‘anonymous’. It is very secure as I have to approve all posts and comments that come through. PADLET NOW HAS A PASSWORD: rapshome You can post as many times as you like! Remember to comment on other people’s amazing work too.

You are doing so well parents!!!! We will get through this one day at a time and come through it even stronger. I am so proud of our class.

I have also been sending out a few video messages of encouragement for those children that are really struggling during this time so please let me know if I can support you further in any way.

Please send any photos/videos and questions to:

I cannot wait to see all of the learning from today. Happy Learning Team Spurrier!

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