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Ramsgate Arts Primary School

Ramsgate Arts Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Daily Challenges: Thursday 23rd April

What will you do today Team Spurrier?

Happy Thursday Team Spurrier.

You are all amazing and doing so well with tour home learning each day. I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am. I wonder what you will be doing today…

Maths: Counting: Can you count how many shoes you have in your house? 

Challenge: Can you collect 5 different objects from around your house (e.g sock, pencil, shoe, teatowel, toy). Can you explore these objects and make an estimation as to which one is the longest? Which one is the shortest? How can we find out?  

Extension: Can you collect 10 objects and explore their length. Can you put them in order of length. 

Here are some interesting maths links. They have created full lessons, games, videos and much more to support learning at home during this time so there might be something interesting on there. 

RWI : Here is today's sound for each group. 

Miss Spurrier’s group- ar- start the car 

Words for spelling: car, start, star 

Sentence:  I can start the car.  

Miss Taft’s group- b- boot 

Words for blending: bat, bus, bit 

Spelling: bin, bat.  

Mrs Barnes’ group-   ea- cup of tea 

Words for spelling: tea, clean, dream 

Sentence: I like to eat the icecream. 

Miss Merry’s group-  sh- shhhhh 

Words for spelling: ship, shop, shoot.  

Sentence: I can see the ship on the shore.

Please record in yellow book. -Two lines of handwriting of the sound with finger spaces, three spellings with the sound in and record the sentence with a capital letter and full stop.  I have attached a photo of how you may want to lay the home learning out in your yellow book. 

RWI LIVE lessons:

Set 1  

speed sounds- 9:30am 

word time (green words)- 9:45am  

Spellings- 10am 

Set 2 

Speed sounds and word time- 10am  

Spellings- 10:15am  

Set 3  

Speed sounds and word time- 10:30am  

Spelling- 10:45am 

Story time with Nick (Mon, Wed, Fri)- 2pm

Please see the 'learning at home file' for the handwriting patters, sounds and phrases, red words and alien words. 


Main: Parts of a plant. Can you create a drawing of your favourite flower/plant or even your love to learn challenge.  

Challenge: Can you label each of the different parts of the plant. Roots, stem, petals, leaf, flower, soil.  

Super challenge: Can you write a sentence about what a plant needs to grow.  

Links: Parts of a plant sheet

The EEF have released a document about talk and how to maximise this at home. Please click on the attachments to find out all about this and support for at home.

Don’t forget to use the class Padlet and post some funny things to your friends. Please remember to put your name in the comments and on your post as they all show up as ‘anonymous’. It is very secure as I have to approve all posts and comments that come through. PADLET NOW HAS A PASSWORD: rapshome You can post as many times as you like! Remember to comment on other people’s amazing work too.

Please send any photos/videos and questions to:

Have a lovely day Team Spurrier and enjoy your home learning. 

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