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Ramsgate Arts Primary School

Ramsgate Arts Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Daily challenges: Monday 11th May

Hello everyone! We hope you had a great bank holiday weekend in the sunshine and didn't get blown away yesterday in the wind! 

We're another week closer to coming back together but in the meantime please still keep in touch with us and your friends through padlet, we're still missing you lots and lots and can't wait to see all your smiling faces back at school! 

Please see challenges below for the day: 


Miss Spurrier’s group- nk- I think I stink. 

Words for spelling: think, sink, rink.  

Sentence: The cup is in the sink. 

Miss Taft’s group- th- thank you. 

Words for blending:  this, that, them. 

Spelling: this, that, them. 

Sentence: This is the best.  

Mrs Barnes’ group- ow – brown cow (don’t get confused with ow- blow the snow from set 2. Spelt the same, different sound).  

Words for spelling: brown, cow, now. 

Sentence: The brown cow is now on the towel.  

Miss Merry’s group- o-e- phone home 

Words for spelling:  home, phone, tone. (special friends who have been split up for talking and someone else has been put in the middle e.g. phone o-e is the sound with the loop over to show who was talking and n is the letter that’s been put in the middle). 

Sentence:  Please can I phone home? 

Please record in yellow book. -Two lines of handwriting of the sound with finger spaces, three spellings with the sound in and record the sentence with a capital letter and full stop.  I have attached a photo of how you may want to lay the home learning out in your yellow book. 

RWI LIVE lessons with Rosie on YouTube:

Set 1  

speed sounds- 9:30am 

word time (green words)- 9:45am  

Spellings- 10am 

Set 2 

Speed sounds and word time- 10am  

Spellings- 10:15am  

Set 3  

Speed sounds and word time- 10:30am  

Spelling- 10:45am 

Story time with Nick (Mon, Wed, Fri)- 2pm

Please see the 'learning at home file' for the handwriting patters, sounds and phrases, red words and alien words.

Miss Spurrier has recorded herself going through the RWI set 1, 2 and 3 sounds. She is trying to rival Rosie on YouTube. There is no password.  

RWI challenge: Can you record a short video joining in with the sounds and post it on the padlet?

Enjoy and let us know what you think :) RWI Set 1 sounds RWI Set 2 sounds RWI Set 3 sounds 


Counting/Starter: Counting in 10s. 

Today we will be looking at making amounts up to 20p using coins we looked at last week (1p, 2p, 5p, 10p)

First recap your understanding of coins using the ppt quiz.

Challenge: Can you set up a little shop with your toys. How much will each item cost? How much would it cost to buy two items?  


Can you work out how much is in the money jars/how much the ice creams cost?  

Adults you could even price up your ‘snacks’ so when the children ask for a snack you could get them to pay for it! I saw an idea online where children have a £1 for the day to spend on snacks. Healthier items costing less than not so healthy snacks. Just an idea 😊  

Extension: Can you label your items and write out the equation for how much 2 items cost? (e.g. 1p + 2p = 3p) 

Links: (shop role play) (The Great Pet Sale book) 


Theme: Growth 

Main: Minibeasts. What is a minibeast? Where would you find one? Do you have a favourite? Read the story- Mad about minibeasts  in the link below.  

Extension: Can you draw a picture of your favourite minibeast and label the parts that make it a minibeast? 

How could you sort them into groups? Legs and no legs? wings and no wings? slimy and not slimy? What if they have both?  

 Super challenge: Can you write a sentence about the minibeast and where you would find it? What does it like?   



Minibeast what can you see? 

Minibeast legs and no legs sorting activity.  

Minibeast information cards.  


The P.E challenge this week is........


How are you all? I would still love to see pictures or videos of you doing the PE challenges or any other fabulous activities you may have come up with on Padlet or any other way to post. 

This week I have set some activities for you to do.

SUPER STRENGTH - (hopefully you have been doing the healthy heart and will continue on with it). You can now add this to your weekly routine.

CATCH AND CLAP - 60 second challenge - something fun, let me know how you get on. (the smaller the object the harder it will be)

NOUGHTS AND CROSSES - A NOTE to the KS2 children, if you want to have a go at this, you have done this before in our PE lessons. Where we would race in teams having the 9 hoops, you had to run/race to them with a bean bag and each team had only bean bags, (hope that jogs your memories a little) - this would be so fun to have a go against your parents. 

Remember - Enjoy - keep safe, keep well and keep smiling 🙂

Mrs Horrigan



Don’t forget to use the class Padlet and post some funny things to your friends. Please remember to put your name in the comments and on your post as they all show up as ‘anonymous’. It is very secure as I have to approve all posts and comments that come through. PADLET NOW HAS A PASSWORD: rapshome You can post as many times as you like! Remember to comment on other people’s amazing work too.

Please send any photos/videos and questions to:

Have a lovely Monday! We hope to hear what you got up to during the bank holiday weekend :) 

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