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Ramsgate Arts Primary School

Ramsgate Arts Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Daily Challeges: Tuesday 19th May

Have a terrific Tuesday Team Spurrier!

Good morning Team Spurrier,

I hope you had a lovely Monday in the sunshine :) We love receiving all of your work. What can you do today to help around the house? Can you water the plants? Make your bed? Help a sibling? Do some baking? 

Please see challenges below for the day: 


Miss Spurrier’s group- oo- poo at the zoo 

Words for spelling: poo, scoop, zoo. 

Sentence: The food was yummy. 

Miss Taft’s group-  nk- I think I stink 

Spelling: think, pink, stink. 

Sentence: The pink pig. 

Mrs Barnes’ group- ure- sure its pure 

Words for spelling: pure, sure, creature 

Sentence: I am sure it was a creature.  

Miss Merry’s group- ur- nurse with a purse.  

Words for spelling: burn, hurt, burger. 

Sentence: The burn hurt my arm. 


Please record in yellow book. -Two lines of handwriting of the sound with finger spaces, three spellings with the sound in and record the sentence with a capital letter and full stop.  I have attached a photo of how you may want to lay the home learning out in your yellow book. 

RWI LIVE lessons with Rosie on YouTube:

Set 1  

speed sounds- 9:30am 

word time (green words)- 9:45am  

Spellings- 10am 

Set 2 

Speed sounds and word time- 10am  

Spellings- 10:15am  

Set 3  

Speed sounds and word time- 10:30am  

Spelling- 10:45am 

Story time with Nick (Mon, Wed, Fri)- 2pm

Please see the 'learning at home file' for the handwriting patters, sounds and phrases, red words and alien words.

Miss Spurrier has recorded herself going through the RWI set 1, 2 and 3 sounds. She is trying to rival Rosie on YouTube. There is no password.  

RWI challenge: Can you record a short video joining in with the sounds and post it on the padlet?

Enjoy and let us know what you think :) RWI Set 1 sounds RWI Set 2 sounds RWI Set 3 sounds 


Do you get a bit stuck on those tricky red words? Well look no further, Miss Spurrier has recorded herself going through the typical red words we cover in reception. Check out the video and see how many red words you know!


Counting: Counting in 2’s  

Challenge: Today’s maths lesson is going to be a bit different. Sometimes we go back over some of the skills we have learnt and try to do it on our own 😊 Use the maths challenge activity powerpoint below to complete the adding, counting, taking away, doubling and much more. Can you figure out what it is asking you to do?  

Exrra challenge: Practise writing your numbers from 0-9. Are you forming them correctly?  

0- around and around we go, that’s the way we make a zero. 

1- down and down and down we run, that’s the way we make a one.  

2- around and back on the rail road track TWO TWO. 

3- Around the tree, around the tree. That’s the way we make a three. 

4- Down and across and down some more. That’s the way we make a four.  

5- Down and around and a flag on high. 

6- Down and a loop. The number six has a hoop. 

7- Across the sky and down from heaven. That’s the way we make a seven.  

8- make a s and do not wait. That’s the way we make an eight.  

9- draw a loop and then a line. That’s the way we make a nine.  

Links: EYFS maths challenge activities  

Number formations 



Have a look at the mindfulness challenge cards below. What can you do today to make you feel good? Choose an activity. How did you feel before? How did you feel during? How did you feel after? Sometimes It Is good to take some time for ourselves.  

Yoga: Here are some links to some cosmic kids videos. Very good for mindfulness. 

Peer massage: Can you give your teddy, parent or sibling a massage using our techniques?  

Here are some of the moves: glasses, butterfly, hairdresser, baker, bear, love hearts, hand massage, cat hold.  


Hello Everyone:

Welcome to #CardboardCapers by Animate Arts. 

If you like junk modelling you are going to love this! Every week Animate Arts invites to challenge yourself to get creative with cardboard!  

This week you are invited to be part of a very special episode of... The Great Cardboard Bake Off! 

Find out all about the challenge in this video (it's a good one!): 

For this week's challenge, Animate Arts are really happy to be partnering with the fab The Umbrella Café in Whitstable, who make delicious (non cardboard!) cakes and do brilliant things for and with their community, especially during lockdown. 

We can't wait to see what you rustle up for this delicious cardboard caper! 

Have fun - your only limit is your imagination! 

Martyn Harvey Poetry Competition 

Hi everyone!

Mr McAuley, Martyn Harvey and I have really enjoyed making these videos for the writing competition, we really hope that you have enjoyed watching them. In this final video, Martyn and Mr McAuley are announcing the competition and what we are looking for in a winning poem.

Remember, "a master has failed more times than an amateur has tried", so get exploring, write some poetry, do some drawings and then maybe find another creature and go through the same process again.

We would love for you to enjoy this writing and illustrating process because we think that will shine through in your poems.

There is a poster below to explain where to send your poems!

Good luck, I can't wait to start reading your entries.

Miss Rees-Boughton

Here's the link

Dont't forget to use the class Padlet and post some funny things to your friends. Please remember to put your name in the comments and on your post as they all show up as ‘anonymous’. It is very secure as I have to approve all posts and comments that come through. PADLET NOW HAS A PASSWORD: rapshome You can post as many times as you like! Remember to comment on other people’s amazing work too.

We have also attached a copy of Mr Budge's letter :)

Please send any photos/videos and questions to:

We miss you lots and have a lovely Tuesday :) 

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