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Introducing the RISE UP RESIDENCY


RISE UP RESIDENCY is a week-long mural festival and educational programme taking place in September 2022 in Margate, Kent. The initiative is spearheaded by RISE UP. CLEAN UP. and Margate-based, internationally acclaimed artist Louis Masai.

The residency welcomes twenty local and international artists to stay in Margate and create public art as a means of raising awareness of ocean conservation and the issues caused by plastic in and near our oceans. From documenting ocean biodiversity to plastic hazards and ocean species, the murals intend to act as an educational backdrop for the town. Their aim is to inspire, unite and empower the community of Margate and its visitors to partake in reducing plastics and respecting the ocean. 

The residency intends to support and directly engage with the community of Margate through a series of talks and workshops from local businesses and direct employment of locals to work on the programme.

Rise up, Clean Up are offering a series of free workshops this weekend. Click on the link below to book your workshops.