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Team Okai (Yr 2)

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  • Parent Council

    Published 20/09/21, by Nancy Okai

    The Parent Council would like to invite you to an informal meet on Friday 24th September between 2.30pm to 3.30pm in the dance studio.  

    It’s a chance to meet others in the school community, understand what the Parent Council does and how you can get involved.

    If you would like to get involved but can’t make the meeting then please get in touch via the email below.

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  • Artist of the Term

    Published 20/09/21, by Nancy Okai

    Our Artist of the Term is the inspirational, pioneering painter Alma Thomas. This term’s competition is to create your own art piece in the style of her brilliant, colourful work.

    You could create a print on a T-shirt. You might like to use bright markers to create a stylish pattern on some trainers, or you may choose to make a mosaic from glass tiles or beads, or maybe you would prefer to create a collage using torn paper or card…it is up to you!


    • Work can be any size from a postage stamp to an enormous canvas or sculpture!
    • Use bright, cheerful colours and dabs of paint
    • Give your piece an exciting and imaginative title
    • Alma Thomas uses circles or straight lines in her work
    • Alma Thomas’s art was very positive and joyful, so pick a happy theme to paint
    • Most importantly, have fun!

    Please hand in artwork to the Art room by Wednesday 20th October 2021. Don’t forget to label your creation with your name and class.

    There will be a prize for key-stage winners!

    I am really excited to see your cool creations!

    Mr Brown

    Art & Design Team

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  • Spellings

    Published 20/09/21, by Nancy Okai

    Last Friday your child received spellings to practice for the week in preparation for our quiz this Friday. 

    These are common exception words (words you can't sound out phonetically) that we are going over in school, please practice these at home as often as you can.

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  • Love to Learn

    Published 15/09/21, by Nancy Okai

    This term our topic is Habitats as Homes. We will be learning about where animals live both locally and around the world.  Today your child received their first love to learn project, which is to create a habitat in a shoebox.  This will be due on Friday 1st October. We look forward to seeing them!

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  • Place Value

    Published 12/09/21, by Nancy Okai

    This week in maths we've been looking at place value with numbers up to 50. We partitioned numbers into tens and ones using various objects and compared numbers using greater than (>) and less than (<).

    What number is this picture showing?

    How many tens are there?

    How many ones are there?

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  • PE Days

    Published 06/09/21, by Nancy Okai

    This year we will be having two sessions of PE for Team Okai these will be on Thursdays and Fridays. Please make sure your child comes to school in their PE kit.

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  • Welcome Meeting

    Published 06/09/21, by Nancy Okai

    We are looking forward to seeing you all for our welcome meeting this Friday. Please find attached a copy of the powerpoint that we will be going through during the meeting.

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  • Tangrams

    Published 03/09/21, by Saffron Holloway


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  • Welcom Back!

    Published 01/09/21, by Nancy Okai

    Welcome back everyone!

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