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P.E. Challenge 7


How have you been getting on with the challenges set for you?, I haven't heard from anyone 😞😩,  are you still out there 👀?. Did any of you from KS2 manage to remember the noughts and cross's game?

This week I have set some activities for you to do, but try and keep up or continue with the circuit training that I had sent you previously.

TIMES TABLE SQUATS - Thought I would challenge both your mind and body for this weeks activity. I am really interested in how you get on with this one. (optional for year 1 since we haven't learnt about times tables or multiplication and diviison to this extent).

SOCKS IN A BOX  - How many socks can you put in a box, I am sure your parents would love you to help with those unpaired cleaned socks, turn it into a game (socks in a box) and have a go.

FIGURE OF EIGHT - How can you make it more challenging?.

AIR BALLOON - If you don't have a balloon use something else, but find something that is light in weight, tissue paper, use your imagination. Let me know how you get on.

REMEMBER - Enjoy - Keep safe, keep well and keep smiling 😊

Mrs Horrigan