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Tuesday 23rd June 2020

Maths I am learning to find the difference by counting on. 

Last week we looked at subtracting by counting on. This is very similar. We are looking at the number difference between, or the gap between two numbers. We can talk about how much more or less one is by way of comparing the difference. We can do this by counting on. 

e.g. 8 – 5 = 

Looking at a number line; we start at 5 (the smaller number), we count on to 8, we see that we make 3 jumps. The difference between 8 and 5 is 3. 

8 – 5 = 3 

Follow the power point Finding the Difference then have a go at the Reasoning and problem solving and varied fluency activities. 


English Can I write a formal letter? 

If you have written your first draft of your formal letter, today’s job is to type it up or write it in your absolute neatest writing. Refer back to the check list and example text to make sure you lay your letter our properly (attached again below). I would love to see your letters when you finish them. 


RWI  Follow the link to YouTube for the speed sounds, spellings and sentences or see below.  

All videos are released at 9:30am and will be available for 24 hours only.  

 If you are unsure about which set to follow please don’t hesitate to email to ask and I will guide you   

Note: Please feel free to attempt the English tasks above on occasion too.   

Set 1 – l for leg 

1) long   2) leg   3) spell

1) I have a long leg.
2) I will put a spell on you!

Set 2 – oo – poo at the zoo 

1) shoot   2) snooker   3) pool
1) Can you shoot snooker in a pool?
2) Do not be a fool and jump in the pool.

Set 3 – ea  - cup of tea (Set 3 restarts) + Reading longer words – ow/ o-e/ oa 

1) flea   2) cream   3) east
1) Never eat shredded wheat (is a way to remember the points of a compass).
2) You must put flea cream on the dog to stop him scratching.


Helpful links for parents and carers    

And don't forget Miss Spurrier’s speed sounds for extra practice (accessible at any time as an option)   

RWI Set 1 sounds    

RWI Set 2 sounds    

RWI Set 3 sounds   

Red words   

Level 1 Red words:   

Level 2 Red words:    

Level 3 Red words:   


Topic I know how to stay safe on the beach. 

Today create a poster about staying safe on the beach. Use a piece of paper or a page in your exercise book and divide it in to  4 sections. Have a bold title that says something like ‘Stay Safe on the Beach’ 

One section should detail everything you need to protect yourself from the sun. 

Next detail everything you should look out for on the beach (creatures, flags, lifeguards, weather etc) 

Then another section about the sea; what do you need to look out for? Which conditions are safe to swim or even paddle. 

Make it super colourful and please write a couple of sentences with each section explaining the safety notices. There are word cards attached for spelling tricky vocabulary. 

The fourth section needs to be blank for tomorrows learning about how humans impact on the beaches.