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Friday 26th June 2020

Maths I am learning to place numbers in to arrays 

Arrays are a great way to visually display multiplication problems. When we arrange objects in to arrays we can see by the number of rows and how many are in each row how many objects there are all together (using our counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10 etc can really help with this!); 


My array of stars shows 3 rows of 5 stars. I can represent this as 3 times 5 (3 x 5) 

Follow the powerpoint Make Arrays then have a go at the activities attached too! Then have a go at the various problem solving and extension activities saved below.


English  Can I plan a new page for The Jolly Postman or Other People’s Letters? 
You will need to think up your setting (where), character (who)  and a letter, just like in the book. You can use ‘newer’ fairy tale characters e.g. from Frozen, the Gruffalo etc if they inspire you. 

Take ANOTHER look at the book (we are experts by this point), you might notice that the postman comes along and visits the character in their setting... Cinderella in her palace, the Wicked Witch in her Gingerbread house, the Giant up the Beanstalk in his castle.  
The Postman delivers the letter to the character (giant, 3 Bears, Witch etc), then the characters read the letter, which we as the reader can also get out and read too! 

Make a spider diagram of your ideas.  Which character would you like to create an additional page for in the book The Jolly Postman or Other People’s Letters? Miss Aitken like the story of Izzy Gizmo. Watch the story here 

Then watch Miss Aitken create a spider diagram with all of her ideas about writing a new page and letter with Izzy Gizmo as a new character for The Jolly Postman book. Password Year1

Below I have shared some links to stories read by adults at school. These stories were originally filmed for particular classes but the stories might inspire you to use one of the characters for this task. 

The Gruffalo Password TeamB 
The Rainbow Fish 
I Will Not Never Eat a Tomato (a Charlie and Lola story) 
Elmer the Elephant TeamB 

RWI  Folow the Youtube link for sounds, spellings and sentences or see below.  

All videos are released at 9:30am and will be available for 24 hours only.  

 If you are unsure about which set to follow please don’t hesitate to email to ask and I will guide you   

 Note: Please feel free to attempt the English tasks above on occasion too.   


Set 1 – j for jack in the box. 

1) Jack   2) jump   3) jam
1) Jack in the box.
2) Jump in the jam.

Set 2 – or - Shut the door! 

1) sword (sneaky w)  2) cord   3) short

1) Who took the short cord?
2) The sword is sharp and can cut corn.

Set 3 – i-e – nice smile + Reading longer words – air/ are 

1) inside   2) outside   3)  kite

1) Inside is hot and outside is windy.
2) Shall we go to fly a kite outside?


Helpful links for parents and carers    

And don't forget Miss Spurrier’s speed sounds for extra practice (accessible at any time as an option)   

RWI Set 1 sounds    

RWI Set 2 sounds    

RWI Set 3 sounds   

Red words   

Level 1 Red words:   

Level 2 Red words:    

Level 3 Red words:   


Topic I know that humans can impact the natural environment in positive and negative ways. 

Today please fill in that fourth section of your beach safety poster that you started on Tuesday. If you didn’t make a poster, don’t worry just create a dedicated poster about what we can do to protect the oceans and our wider environment from some of the negative impacts that humans have such as plastic pollution. Please make it eye catching and colourful. Add in information about how and what to do so that if someone read your poster they would know what to do. Refer back to the all-about-plastic powerpoint for ideas.