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Thursday 9th July 2020

Think outside the box!!!

Rapid Recap: 
I am learning to know the link between division and multiplication (inverse) 

The inverse, we might remember, is doing the opposite. We have looked at this with addition and subtraction previously in school. 

5 + 5 = 10    so    10 – 5 = 5 

We used something called number families to help us understand. For the above example 10, 5 and 5 are a number family we can use them in a few different ways. 

When we think about multiplication and division, we can still use number families to help us, for example; 

10, 2 and 5   (use 10 physical props like cubes, lego, counters or fruit to do this examples). 

2 x 5 = 10      or      5 x 2 = 10             so            10 ÷ 2 = 5 and         10 ÷ 5 = 2 
(2 lots of 5=10)      (5 lots of 2 =10)                  (10 shared or grouped into 2s or 5s =…) 

I like to think of calculations working forwards or getting bigger ( + & x ) and backwards or getting smaller ( - & ÷ ). 

Take a look at this video which explains the relationship between multiplication and division. I have then attached a couple of worksheets for you to get stuck in to. Enjoy! 

English/ Science Can I plan an experiment? 

I am feeling inspired by Ada and thought that it would be fun to conduct a scientific experiment! 
We have conducted scientific experiments at school before, in term 3 we made rain gauges to measure rain fall, in terms 2 and 4 we tested either the water resistance (teddy raincoats), transparency (lampshades) or the stretch of different materials. Like Ada, we planned what we wanted to find out (hypothesis) what we needed (equipment), talked about how to make it a fair test and safety precautions. 
Watch this video of me planning what I am going to do for my experiment. Password Year1 

Then watch this video of my actual experiment once I had everything carefully planned and ready. Password Year1 

Think carefully about what you would like to find out or test. Check with your adult that it is safe to do. See these links for ideas 
If you use Pinterest, that is a great place to find ideas. 
or go to Twinkl here there are a lot of experiment ideas there too. 

You have today and tomorrow to plan, conduct and write up the results of your experiment. However, you may decide to conduct an experiment that will take longer to show results so feel free to keep a log and show your results at a later date. 

You also might find different ways pf testing your idea, like Ada Twist Scientist, so also don’t be afraid to make changes and improvements. Make a note on which ever science sheets that best suit your investigation (see a couple of variations attached).  
Have fun Scientists! 



All videos are released at 9:30am and will be available for 24 hours only.  


If you are unsure about which set to follow please don’t hesitate to email to ask and I will guide you   


Note: Please feel free to attempt the English tasks above on occasion too.   


Set 2 – oo – poo at the zoo 
1) hoot    2) moo    3) swoop 

Write these sentences using the focus sounds 

1) We must swoop in and scoop the poop. 

2) Which animal says moo and which animals says hoot? 

Set 3 – oa as in ‘Goat in a boat.’ 
1) throat   2) soap    3) raincoat 


Write these sentences using the focus sounds    


1) Do toads need to wear raincoats? 

2) Was around your throat with a bar of soap. 


Reading longer words – ow/ o-e/ oa 

Helpful links for parents and carers    

And don't forget Miss Spurrier’s speed sounds for extra practice (accessible at any time as an option)   

RWI Set 1 sounds    

RWI Set 2 sounds    

RWI Set 3 sounds   

Red words   

Level 1 Red words:   

Level 2 Red words:    

Level 3 Red words:   


Topic I know jobs in the local area 

Today you might like to continue exploring different jobs in your local area as a spider diagram or complete this new task which is all about our Ramsgate Town Mayor. Below I have attached a sheet that you may like to use to write about what you think the job of a town mayor is or should be. 

Our Ramsgate Town Mayor is Councillor Raushan Ara. Here are some links to the Ramsgate Town website which tells you a little bit more and also a link to the Isle of Thanet News which has reported lots of the things that Councillor Ara does for the communities in Ramsgate.