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Tuesday 14th July 2020


I am learning to identify quarters (¼) 

Yesterday we looked at identifying half, today we are looking at recognising a quarter of a shape or object. 

Follow the PowerPoint and then have a go at the Problem Solving and Varied fluency tasks. 

English - Can I write an apology letter? 

Think back to The Jolly Postman and Goldilocks’ letter to the Three Bears (see attached below slide 4 in The Jolly Postman PDF). 

You might like to pretend to be Ada Twist and write a letter to the cat or her parents about trying to put the cat in the washing machine and writing on the walls. But you might like to argue your point of view and explain why you made those choices. But you must show that you understand why the choices were not the best and why you are sorry. 

Or you may have an apology letter that you want to write as yourself. It can be made up or real. 

Have fun! 


All videos are released at 9:30am and will be available for 24 hours only.  

 If you are unsure about which set to follow please don’t hesitate to email to ask and I will guide you   

 Note: Please feel free to attempt the English tasks above on occasion too.   


Set 2 – or as in ‘Shut the door.’ 
1) born   2) fork    3) torch 

Write these sentences using the focus sounds  

1) I need a torch in the dark. 

2) I was born in....   (fill in the gap) 

Set 3 – ear - ‘Hear with your ear.’ 
1) hear   2) smear    3) clear 

Write these sentences using the focus sounds 

1) I can hear you loud and clear with my ears. 

2) That man has a very long beard. 


Reading longer words – air/ are 

Helpful links for parents and carers    

And don't forget Miss Spurrier’s speed sounds for extra practice (accessible at any time as an option)   

RWI Set 1 sounds    

RWI Set 2 sounds    

RWI Set 3 sounds   

Red words   

Level 1 Red words:   

Level 2 Red words:    

Level 3 Red words:   


Topic continue... IALT persuade visitors that when they come to this area to be responsible and to take their litter with them (Poster/letter?) 

Here are some signs that have either been made by official council or government organisations or individuals to remind people to clean up after themselves. You may have seen some of these signs if you have been out in the car, out for a walk, on the beach in in a park. Some people forget or choose not to get rid of their rubbish properly by either putting it in the right bins or taking it home to sort out. We have learnt a great deal about pollution and how man-made materials can be bad for wildlife on land and at sea. Rubbish left lying around is also not good for our health, the environment in general and it can smell and look really disgusting.  
Can you create a sign or write a letter that politely reminds people to clean up after themselves and not leave their rubbish behind? Take a look at the pictures I have attached for ideas (take your rubbish messages).