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Daily home learning: Monday 27th April

What did you get up to at the weekend? 

Good morning, it's Monday! :) 

I hope you had a nice weekend and enjoyed the sunshine, I look forward to hearing from you and seeing what you've been up to. 

Have a great day! 



Counting: Counting your socks. How many do you have? Can you group them? (e.g. red ones, blue ones, stripy ones, spotty ones)

Challenge: Can you make 10 using loose parts? (buttons, socks, satsumas, hairbands, raisins, lego) Can you now split the amount into two parts. How many do you have in each part? (e.g. I have 10 raisins, I have 3 here and 7 there) The two parts that make up 10 are called number bonds. Can you find any other number bonds?  

Extension: Can you write the number bonds using numerals and maths symbols 

e.g. 5+5=10  4+6=10  8+2=10... 

Further extension: Can you make some missing number challenges to test your child’s understanding of number bonds. E.g. 2+ ? =10  9+ ?=10.... 

See attachments for further number bond practice :) 


RWI : Here is today's sound for each group. 

Miss Spurrier’s group- or- shut the door. 

Words for spelling: door, poor, floor.  

Sentence: I can shut the door.  

Miss Taft’s group- e- egg 

Words for blending: egg, pet, peg.  

Spelling: egg, vet.  

Mrs Barnes’ group- a-e make a cake (special friends who have been split up for talking and someone else has been put in the middle e.g. cake- a-e is the sound with the loop over to show who was talking and k is the letter that’s been put in the middle).  

Words for spelling: cake, make, shake 

Sentence: We like to make a cake.  

Miss Merry’s group- th- thank you 

Words for spelling: this, that, thanks. 

Sentence: Thank you for this hat.  


Please record in yellow book. -Two lines of handwriting of the sound with finger spaces, three spellings with the sound in and record the sentence with a capital letter and full stop.  I have attached a photo of how you may want to lay the home learning out in your yellow book. 

RWI LIVE lessons:

Set 1  

speed sounds- 9:30am 

word time (green words)- 9:45am  

Spellings- 10am 

Set 2 

Speed sounds and word time- 10am  

Spellings- 10:15am  

Set 3  

Speed sounds and word time- 10:30am  

Spelling- 10:45am 

Story time with Nick (Mon, Wed, Fri)- 2pm

Please see the 'learning at home file' for the handwriting patters, sounds and phrases, red words and alien words. 


Theme: Growth 

Main: Lifecycle of us. All about human lifecycle ppt to aid discussion of how we change and grow. Can you remember being a baby? What things did you do as a baby? Do you still do these things now? What can you do now that babies can’t do?  

Challenge: Can you draw a picture of you as a baby, of you now and what you think you might look like when you are older?

If you have photos of yourself as a baby it might be nice to look back and see what you really looked like :) 

Extension: Can you write a sentence for each stage?

e.g. When I was a baby.... 

Now I can.... 

When I’m older I.... 

Links: ppt attached at the bottom of the blog 

PE challenge:



Your weekly PE CHALLENGE. How did you find treasure hunt?... do you get it? a little joke there. Well it made me chuckle Hahahaha

Any way, again this week I have given you two levels reference this weeks PE challenge - BATTLE SHIPS. Also, you might want to find ways you can make it even more fun!. Let me know on Padlet, upload videos or pictures or email them.

Hope your enjoying the the wonderful sun shine. Keep smiling and stay safe.

Mrs Horrigan 


Don’t forget to use the class Padlet  and post some funny things to your friends. Please remember to put your name in the comments and on your post as they all show up as ‘anonymous’. It is very secure as I have to approve all posts and comments that come through. PADLET NOW HAS A PASSWORD: rapshome You can post as many times as you like! 

Please send any photos/videos and questions to:

Have a wonderful day Team Spurrier! I MISS YOU!!!!