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Monday's Topic - 11/5/20

Please find the latest PE challenge from Mrs Horrigan…


How are you all? I would still love to see pictures or videos of you doing the PE challenges or any other fabulous activities you may have come up with on Padlet or any other way to post. 

This week I have set some activities for you to do.

SUPER STRENGTH - (hopefully you have been doing the healthy heart and will continue with it). You can now add this to your weekly routine.

CATCH AND CLAP - 60 seconds challenge - something fun, let me know how you get on. (the smaller the object, the harder it will be)

NOUGHTS AND CROSSES - A NOTE to the KS2 children, if you want to have a go at this, you have done this before in our PE lessons. Where we would race in teams having the 9 hoops, you had to run/race to them with a beanbag and each team had only beanbags, (hope that jogs your memories a little) - this would be so fun to have a go against your parents. 

Remember - Enjoy - keep safe, keep well and keep smiling 🙂

Mrs Horrigan