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Wednesday's English - 17/6/20

I would like you to put yourself into Christophe's shoes today and write a diary entry from his point of view...

I want you to imagine that you are Christophe. We are near the end of the book where Miss Finch has invited your parents into school and read out your story to the whole of the school. Mum and dad were so proud and happy. There is a new baby on the way. You have become great friends with Pete and Greg. I would like you to write a diary entry at this point in the story, reflecting on what has happened over the last couple of days. You may include:

Your story being read in front of the whole school.

  • Mum and dad's reaction.
  • Your friends.
  • Miss Finch.
  • Babi dying.
  • Mum having another baby soon.

Remember that you ARE Christophe so use first person (me, my, I) and you are talking about events that have already happened so use the past tense. Include emotions and reflections and try to go into detail where possible. Could you even include a rhetorical question?

I have attached a checklist for you to look at to help remind you what needs to be included when writing a diary.