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Monday's maths - 6/7/20

This week you have a problem to solve for the Emojis! Read through the instructions and try to answer clue one today…

Have a look at the bar chart attached. Remember to look carefully at the bars (maybe put the totals on them) and all of the labels. Under the graph there are 6 questions to answer. Once you have answered those questions, you change them into a word using the table on the page which will make a sentence that you write on the line at the bottom.

Once you have a completed sentence, you can use it to rule out some of the possible destinations. From clue one, you will either rule out all those that say ‘Abroad’ or all those that say ‘UK’.

If you finish, why not see if you could come up with some different questions that could be asked about the graph and try to answer those as well!