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Music Home Learning!

Message from Miss Dannell ...

Hi everyone,

This week you are going to learn about melody and pitch!

Melody is the tune of a song. Pitch is how high or low the notes are. Watch the first video on the website then scroll down and complete the activity about pitch.

In the video, you met Bob Marley who was a famous reggae performer. He wrote a famous song with the lyrics,‘Don’t worry about a thing, ‘cos everything little thing is going to be alright’. This is a great song to listen to and think about the lyrics during this tricky time! If you want to listen to the song, you can click the link:

What I would like you do to is come up with your very own line for a new song that has a positive message just like Bob Marley! You also need to come up with a melody (tune) for your line. Remember what the video said: don’t stay on the same note, make sure the pitches don’t jump around too much and make it easy to sing! It only needs to be one line.

I would love for you to record yourself singing your line! You can send it to your teacher or upload it to Padlet! Good luck!

Miss Dannell