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Home Learning

Tuesday 16th June 2020

Hi Team R-B,

PE: Have you completed any of the Viking Games Challenges yet? Don't forget to email Mrs Horrigan with any videos and photos of you doing your challenges.

Maths: Continue your Missing Macaws challenge below ...

English: This week we will be learning all about poetry. Today I would like you to research different types of poems and their features. You could create a powerpoint or a poster to explain your findings.  

Spelling: Have a go at the word changers activity below.

Topic: Today we are going to learn which material is best suited to which item of clothing.

Recap silk. What would this be suitable for? Not suitable for?

Go and find different clothing in your house made from different materials e.g. denim, cotton, silk, wool, straw etc. Think about why these materials are used.

Then explore the clothing by looking at the labels to help them identify the materials. Group clothing types by their materials. The types of materials used based on their expected use e.g. swimwear could not be made from polyester or a shirt wouldn’t be made from lycra!

Recorded Tasks: Today you are going to create a table with the materials you have found. The headings for your table will be clothing, material, use. E.g. jumper, wool, thick material-good for keeping people warm

 Life Skills: With the help of an adult, can you learn how to use a peeler today?

Happy Tuesday!

Love Miss R-B, Mrs Fetherston, Mr Brown and Charlie Fudge x