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Home Learning

Thursday 25th June 2020

Hi Team R-B,

PE: Have you completed any of the Viking Games Challenges yet? Don't forget to email Mrs Horrigan with any videos and photos of you doing your challenges.

Maths: Today and tomorrow I would like you to collect your own data and present it on a double page spread in your books. Today I would like you to create a tally chart to collect your data. I would then like you to present that data using a bar graph. You could collect data about different coloured cars, items in your garden, tv programmes the choice is yours!

English: Today I would like you to publish your shape poem. Remember some words may be smaller/bigger than your normal handwriting. However it should still be neat and your BEST handwriting.

Spelling: This week we are going to focus on swapping a y to an I before adding es. Can you play 4 in a row with the words below?

Topic: Remember the deadline to send me your video is Friday (tomorrow) so I can make the video! Today we are going to make a quiz all about fashion and what you have learnt this term about fashion. Flick back through the lessons on the blogs to remind yourself of all the amazing learning you have done. Then create 10 questions based on your learning. After you have finished post it on the Padlet for your friends to have a go!

Life Skills: With the help of an adult can you talk about what to do in an emergency (we have talked about this in school before)?

Happy Thursday!

Love Miss R-B, Mrs Fetherston, Mr Brown and Charlie Fudge x