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Tuesday 14th July 2020

Hi Team R-B!

Hope you enjoyed creating your Getting to Know You activity for Miss Amin yesterday, don’t forget to keep it safe ready for September!

Today we are going to continue to think about transition into Year 3 today…

Today I would like you to write and send a letter to Miss Amin. I would like you to include all about yourself, what you are looking forward to, what you are nervous about, what questions you would like to find out about year 3 etc.

It needs to be in your BEST handwriting and be set out properly to look like a letter.

Remember, Miss Amin will be expecting you to use capital letters full stops, commas for lists, apostrophes for omission and possession, question marks and exclamation marks!

Happy Tuesday!

Love Miss R-B, Mr Brown, Mrs Fetherston and Charlie Fudge xxx