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09/06/2020: Home Learning

It's a new day, and hopefully it will be warmer!

Good morning, Team Amin!

Learning for today:

PE: Find a safe space (Garden? Living room?) and do 10 jumping jacks, 10 squats and 10 bunny hops.

M: Start with a speedy recap of your 9x. You can do this with a dice game if you have dice, bingo, Hit the Button etc.?

Today, we are going to be working on adding 3 and 4 digit numbers with regrouping but with decimal values. Don’t forget to make sure your columns AND decimal points align. If a question includes a £ sign, don’t forget that too, but remember you DON'T need a p for pence at the end!

Questions: (or you could come up with your own?!)

  1. £635.00 + £58.00
  2. £37.58 + £15.73
  3. 6.9 + 1.3
  4. 18.27 + 2.18
  5. £95.57 + £198.53
  6. 9.32 + 8.45
  7. 293.56 + 495.37
  8. £1783.47 + £289.12

E: Catch up with Varjak if you haven’t already. I have added chapters!

Today, we are going to write (and perform?) our monologue as Varjak Paw as he makes his decision to leave home (The Inside) and venture to the Outside leaving the Elder Paw behind. Take a look at your plan from yesterday to remind yourself of the things that you would like to include/repeat.   

Possible layout:

Paragraph 1: Initial thoughts on abandoning the Elder Paw to the black cats

Paragraph 2: Thoughts on finding a dog and showing his family they are wrong about him

Paragraph 3: Worry about venturing out into the Outside

Paragraph 4: Decision to climb the wall

Remember: your monologue needs to be written in first person (I, me, my) as you ARE Varjak! Don’t forget to include indents for your paragraphs.

Planning to perform? Remember: pace, volume, accuracy and expression! If you want to share, please do film it and send to me so I can see your monologue performance too!

RWInc: Please find the relevant spellings and story text attached below for Jade’s Party with today’s learning task.


Topic: We are going to continue thinking about belonging by reflecting on our learning yesterday. Quick recap: What is a refugee and how might life have changed for them?

Return to Slide 4’s slides and read through them again quickly. On the final slide, there are two plenary questions which I would like you to think about. You might like to discuss your answers with your adult. I would like you to reflect on all of positive things that being at school and with your friends and teachers offers you. I understand this is a difficult question at the moment since we aren’t all together at school right now, but there are still lots of things that we normally have which we should be very grateful for. A safe building and roof over our head, friends, a warm home to return to every day, a uniform, lunches, safe spaces to play in and much more!

TASK: Yesterday, you thought about the feelings and difficult experiences refugees might have when they leave home to travel elsewhere for reasons outside of their control. Write an informal letter to a child expressing how you would welcome them and how Team Amin and RAPS would support them and be a positive place to come to. What would you do to make them feel safe? Why would they enjoy being at RAPS? How would you be a good friend?

Features of a letter: Dear…., Sign off, Paragraphs with indents, 


Extra activities:

R: Access the class reader Powerpoint if you haven’t already and listen along and/or read a chapter of a book of your choice.

Spelling: Practise this week’s new spelling in time to test yourself this Friday!


Have a super day. Happy learning! Don’t forget to send me emails/pictures!

Miss Amin x