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26/06/2020: Home Learning

Good morning, Team Amin! HAPPY FRIDAY!!

Learning for today:

SPELLING TEST (You’re testing yourself on the words from last week: T6W3!) When you are done, check out the words for next week (T6W4 in spelling section online) and have a little practising session.

M: Start with a speedy recap of your 4x and 8x. You can do this with a dice game if you have dice, bingo, Hit the Button etc.?

Arithmetic Half Paper today! Work your way through the questions carefully, checking your signs and showing working out where necessary. Good luck!


E: We have learnt quite a bit about the journey chocolate takes from its original cacao bean form growing in tropical areas across the world. To get us writing in the narrative style, I want you to pretend you are a cacao bean and trace the journey you take as a story! You are the bean on your way to become chocolate! You are cut off the tree and extracted from your pod by farmers and put in a box to dry out. You listen as the farmers negotiate prices and you are still listening when you are put in a crate onto a ship to sail across the oceans. How do you feel? Excited? Nervous? Terrified to turn into chocolate? Do you come across any obstacles on your journey? A bumpy sea voyage? An awful storm? Nearly being trod on by an animal in the jungle when you fall from your tree? Your story can be as exciting or as silly as you like. I would imagine at least 2 pages long if you are writing ‘write a line leave a line’ AND in the 1ST person, but most importantly, have fun writing it!

RWInc: Please find the relevant spellings and story text attached below for Jellybean with today’s learning task.


Topic: Continuing with raising our own awareness of incredible people of colour whose experiences and achievements have contributed tremendously to life today, we are going to learn about Lilian Bader. Go to: and watch the video all about Lilian Bader (Week 4). Once you have watched the clip, there are some questions to answer and some tasks to complete which can be found in the attachment below. You do not need to do all of the tasks, you can pick what you would like to do, but please do watch the video and reflect on Bader’s life and experiences.  


Extra activities:

R: Access the class reader Powerpoint if you haven’t already and listen along and/or read a chapter of a book of your choice. I have added chapters for you recently.

Have a Happy Friday! Happy learning! Don’t forget to send me emails/pictures!

Miss Amin x