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13/07/2020: Home Learning


Good morning, Team Amin! I hope we have all had a lovely weekend! This is going to be our last week of learning in Year 4 set online with our blog and I am going to try to include some time in Maths and English for recapping some more learning. Of course, many of us including Miss Amin are tired and ready for the summer holidays, but we have one more week to go so let’s give it our all! You have been such a pleasure to teach (especially if this weird scenario we are still in) and have so much to be proud of! So, pats on back, keep smiling and have a wonderful week doing whatever it is you are up to! Miss Amin xxx


Learning for today:

FIVE MINUTE EM TASK: How many words with 4 letters or more can you make in five minutes with:

T   A   H   E   P   U   R   S   Y   B   S   Y   L   O   T   G   E   I   H


PE: Find a safe space (Garden? Living room?) and do 20 jumping jacks, 15 star jumps and 15 bunny hops.


M: Start with a speedy recap of your 3x and 4x on Rockstars, Hit the Button, chanting etc. You might like to play Bingo!

We are going to explore graphs for a few days this week. I am leaving a Powerpoint that will remind you all about types of charts and graphs that exist! I would like you to try one page of questions from the pictogram set and one from the bar graph set once you have worked through the Powerpoint attached below. It should, hopefully, not be too tricky provided you look at the information and scales very carefully!


E: Listen to the next chapters of Varjak Paw if you haven’t caught up already.

Comprehension day: YIPPEEE! Today’s comprehension is all about the Indus Valley! Did you know that, in the ancient times, the Indus Valley was one of the three main ancient civilisations alongside Egypt and MESOPOTAMIA! Did you know that the Indus people were some of the first to make buttons and stepwells (historic water management)! Take a look at some of the pictures from the first stepwell Miss Amin went to in India attached below – don’t you think it is incredible that people built big wells to store water that were very deep, uniquely beautiful and that you could walk down into! Don’t forget that a worded question needs a worded answer. Let me know how you get on!


Topic: We’re thinking about packaging today – in particular, chocolate bar wrappers! Work your way through the Powerpoint, taking the time to look up any words you are unsure of. If you want to, you might like to choose to complete one of the optional tasks.


Extra activities:

R: Access the class reader Powerpoint if you haven’t already and listen along and/or read a chapter of a book of your choice. I have added chapters for you recently.

Spelling: Practise this week’s new spelling in time to test yourself this Friday!


Have a great Monday. Happy learning! Don’t forget to send me emails/pictures!

Miss Amin x