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Thursday 4.6.20

Gooooooooooooood morning! Thursday's work is attached.

Maths- Complete the mat attached and mark your answers.

English- Read the story of Ruth and how she was rescued from the Titanic. Answer the comprehension questions on the separate sheet.

Topic- Using Ruth's story as a basis, write your own story as if you were on board the Titanic. You don't have to write the whole story. You could focus on a specific section such as when you first went aboard and how excited you were or the part where it began to sink or when you got onto the lifeboats and was rescued by the Carpathia (rescue ship). You should write in 1st person. Think about your character: what class are you? What is your name? Who are you travelling with? Include thoughts and feelings. Perhaps you get separated? Does all your family manage to get off? Describe other people: the panic and noise etc.