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Monday 29.6.20

Goooooooooooood morning!

Guided reading- Read the final part of 'Way Home' and complete the questions. 

Maths- Multiplying fractions: Complete one of the grids on the sheet (you should be able to complete the 2 or 3 star sheet no problem!) Remember when multiplying fractions- top x top   and   bottom x bottom  then SIMPLIFY!

English- Write 'a day in the life of Shane'. You should write in 3rd person what Shane might do on an ordinary day in his life. You could include: 

-Scavenging for food

-Playing with his cat

-Wandering the streets of the city

-Trying the hide from the boys

Here is your starter- you carry the story on:

Bleary eyed, Shane sleepily pulled yesterday's newspapers around him for an extra layer of warmth. Not quite ready to get up, he reached out and stroked the fur of the cat with no name. "Good morning Pussycat," he whispered.