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Home Learning, Friday 12th June

Please see below for today's home learning.

Happy Friday Team Gunson. I hope you all have a great weekend. Next week I will try to call all of you to check how you are getting on. For today, here is some suggested learning to keep you busy.

PE: Try this 5 minute superhero workout to get your brain in gear.

Mental Maths; Coconut Multiples. Please do 4s and 8s.

Maths: IALT use a range of multiplication strategies

This is a website I'd like you to try out for me. This is a one off lesson about multiplication using doubling strategies.

It starts with a quiz to see what you already know.

Next there is a video which teaches you the strategies you will need.

This is followed by a worksheet allowing you to practise what you have learned.

Finally there is a quiz to check your knowledge.

Please let me know how you get on with it.

English: I hope you enjoyed writing your Sci-Fi setting yesterday.  Today I'm going to give you another Sci-Fi reading comprehension to analyse. Please find it attached, it's called Little Sammy and the Alien and is very different to the Sci-Fi story we looked at earlier in the week.

Topic: Yesterday we looked at living in space and what it would be like being an astronaut. If you didn't do yesterday's learning please check out Thursday's blog and look at the websites, they really are great and very informative. Here's the one about life on the ISS.

Imagine you have spent a week in space on the International Space Station and are writing a weekly journal entry. You must include facts about life in space and write in the first person. You can include daily chores, seating, keeping fit, keeping clean and sleeping, as well as anything else interesting you found out about yesterday.