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Home Learning, Friday 3rd July

Another week down, how quickly do they go? Not long now until some of you will come back to school for a week. I am looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible. Thanks to all of you that sent in learning this week. If you haven't looked at Padlet recently I suggest you check out some of the amazing work.

PE: Zumba Kids, get your groove on with 'I like to move it'

Mental Maths: Friday times tables speed test

Extra points the quicker you are.

Maths: IALT describe volume in cubic units

Continuing with our studies of volume.

Maths Challenge: IALT  solve problems with units of area

A problem solving challenge for those looking to up their maths game!

English: Friday SPaG challenge

Have a go at the attached SPaG challenge and see how you do!

Topic: What do you now know?

Today I would like you to look back at all of your learning on our Earth and Beyond topic and create a mind map telling me what you now know about all of the things we have covered, from the structure of the Earth, the water cycle, the moon, planets and the sun plus all of the other wonderful things you have studied this term.

Have a fun weekend everyone.