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Home Learning, Tuesday 7th July

Good morning Team Gunson. I hope that you had a super Monday and are looking forward to coming in next week as much as I am. To keep you busy until then, have a look at the learning I have set for today.

PE: Joe Wicks 5 minute move should start your day with a bounce in your step!

Mental Maths: Stone Age Stu Times Tables Adventure

Maths: IALT solve problems involving decimals

We will look at decimals this week, particularly how to multiply decimal numbers. Today we will set the scene by looking at a few problems involving decimal numbers.

Maths Challenge: IALT use fractions to express proportions

Let's really push it this week maths whizzes! We will explore ratio and proportion, something we have not touched on in Year 5. Let's start off with seeing how fractions relate to proportions.

English: Holiday in space

You are a tourist operator for a holiday in space. You have been asked to design an advert to get more people to take a holiday in space. You can choose what type of holiday to advertise. Plan your advertisement before creating your poster. You should think about:

  • What destination or activity you are promoting.
  • Your catch-phrase or tag-line.
  • What pictures you want to include.
  • The name of your company and contact details.

RE: IALT consider the ways in which belonging to a religious community can help people

Have a look at the first few Powerpoint slides which explain the daily life of Sarah, a child in a Jewish family.

The next slides describe two scenarios which might be difficult for Sarah because of her religious beliefs. Think about each scenario, considering how she might feel, what she might do, and your own thoughts about them. Today we will be considering some ways in which being a member of a religious or nonreligious community can be helpful for ourselves and others in our wider, local community.

On worksheet 2A, I would like you to design a crest which includes text and images describing a community that you are a member of, what you enjoy about being a member and how it affects your actions in your wider local community.