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Home Learning, Friday 10th July

Happy Friday Team Gunson. Please see below for today's home learning.

PE: Paper fitness challenge.

Mental Maths: Maths Invaders.

Shoot the spaceship with the correct answer and dodge the incoming fire. A fun game to practise a wide range of key mathematical skills.

Maths: IALT multiply decimals using a formal method.

In this lesson we will continue to use the formal written layout to multiply a decimal number by a single digit.

Maths Challenge: IALT solve problems involving the relative sizes of two quantities

In today's challenge lesson, we will solve problems involving the relative size of two quantities.

English: Friday SPaG challenge

Have a go at the attached SPaG challenge and see how you do!

RE: IALT think about what makes it difficult to live life according to our own beliefs.

Can you think of a time when you did something that you knew was wrong? Why did you do it? Is it always easy to do the right thing? What can make it difficult?

The attached slides give examples of religious beliefs (some are shared by many religions, some are exclusive to just one) such as not working on holy days, dressing modestly, not cursing or not eating certain foods. Why might it be difficult for young people to live according to these beliefs? How might young people deal with these pressures? What advice would you give?

Today we will be thinking about our own religious or personal, non-religious beliefs and how we can live our lives accordingly.

Go to worksheet 5C, draw a self portrait then add the names and emblems of up to three clubs, groups or societies which you are proud to be a member of. You should then add words to describe how membership of that community makes you feel. Finally, you can write a motto which describes what you consider to be your most important belief in the space provided.