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Home Learning, Wednesday 15th July

Good morning team! I hope you had a wonderful, if wet, Tuesday. Here is some learning for Wednesday for you:

PE: Jedi workout. Feel the force part 2!

Mental Maths: Order the numbers from smallest to largest.

Maths: IALT  interpret remainders appropriately in the context of the problem

Today we will use the context of dividing apples to explore how to express remainders after division.

English: IALT write a newspaper report

Aliens have visited Earth. You have been asked to write a newspaper report on their visit. You could include:

  • What the aliens look like.
  • How they arrived.
  • What their spaceship looked like.
  • Why they came to Earth.
  • How long did they stay? Are they still here?

Topic: Today we are going to look forward to Year 6.

What are you most looking forward to about Year 6? Have you got any questions, worries or concerns? Have you got any questions you would like to ask? Maybe you would like to know about what topics you will be doing, maybe you have concerns about the SATs or perhaps about some of the positions of authority you could apply for?

Write a letter to Mr Beraet and Mr Williams telling them about the above. Maybe you could email it to them?