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Monday 29th June 2020

Welcome back, I hope you've had a nice weekend!


Let’s start by practising reciting even and odd numbers - even numbers song - odd numbers song 

I am learning to place objects into arrays (practical). 

Take a look at the powerpoint Amazing Arrays attached below. 

Using objects that you have, arrange them in a number of rows in equal numbers. Also see if you can spot any items that are already arranged in arrays. How many items are in those arrays? See the pictures attached for ideas (Arrays with real items). 

For example; count out 10 pencils and arrange them in equal rows. See how many ways you can do it; 

2 rows of 5 pencils        / / / / /            or     5 rows of 2        / /  
                                        / / / / /                                                / / 
                                                                                                  / / 
                                                                                                 / /  
                                                                                                 / / 

See separate blog for this week’s learning.  


Read Write Inc.   

All videos are released at 9:30am and will be available for 24 hours only.  

If you are unsure about which set to follow please don’t hesitate to email to ask and I will guide you   

 Note: Please feel free to attempt the English tasks on occasion too.      

Set 1 – v for vulture 
1) van   2) vet   3) vent 
1) The vet has a van. 
2) The van has a vent. 

Set 2 – air as in ‘That’s not fair!’ 
1) unfair   2) funfair   3) fairy 
1) It’s not fair, I want to go to the funfair too. 
2) The tooth fairy takes your teeth to repair. 

Set 3 – o-e as in ‘Phone home’ 
1)  telephone   2) joke   3) drone 
1) I got a telephone from the joke shop but it broke when I got it home. 
2)  You can connect a drone camera to your phone. 

Reading longer words – ir/ ur/ er 

Helpful links for parents and carers   

And don't forget Miss Spurriers Speed sounds for extra practice (accessible at any time as an option)  

RWI Set 1 sounds   

RWI Set 2 sounds   

RWI Set 3 sounds  

Red words  

Level 1 Red words:  

Level 2 Red words:   

Level 3 Red words:  


Topic   Create a tourist map of the local area. 

You might have created a map of your local area already for the Art to Start at the beginning of this topic. You can choose whether you want to create another map, but this time detailing all the interesting things to do near where you live (during normal times), or you could add to your original map. Take a look at the tourist maps attached, or you may have some at home from when you have visited places in the past. Look at how they list and label the different things to do and places to visit. Some use numbers and keys, which is a section which tells you what the pictures and labels mean and some have adverts showing you good places to eat and visit.  

You may prefer to write an article about one particular tourist attraction in your area. Now that people are able to travel a little bit more, lots of people are choosing to visit the coast. You could write about a place, attraction or museum in your local area that you think people should know about so that they can visit it. Imagine that we are in a time when everything is open again (which hopefully will be safe to do soon) and people are desperate to know what experts (like you) know about your area. 
Take a look at the picture attached of Ramsgate activities. This is an article all about water sports that you can do in Ramsgate on the sea (kayaking, paddle boarding, kite surfing).  You might like to write about the Ramsgate Tunnels where you can learn all about how people in Ramsgate took shelter in there during World War II. You might like to write about the Turner Contemporary Gallery in Margate and other galleries that can be visited to see art work or the coastal walks that you can do all around the Thanet coast. You might know about something really fun or special that no one else knows about in your area that is good to visit. 

You can complete this task today and tomorrow.