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Ramsgate Arts Primary School

Ramsgate Arts Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Team Gunson (Yr 4)

Welcome to Team Gunson. Please see a message from Mr Gunson your class teacher.





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  • 22/01/21

    RAPS Reading Competition!

    Click below for more information...
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  • 04/01/21

    Remote Learning

    Well, I was expecting to see everyone back in class but it seems that things will be a little different for a while. Check out below for information on how our return to learning will look and how we can help you if you are experiencing difficulties. 
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  • 14/12/20

    Spellings w/c 14.12.2020

    Please see below for this week's spellings. Testing will be on Thursday! If you are at home it would be great if parents or carers could test you.
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  • 13/12/20

    Home Learning

    For those of you who are spending the final week learning from home, here is a reminder that you can access all of the learning through MS Teams. Our live lesson will commence at 9:25, looking forward to seeing you, wherever you are!
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  • 13/12/20

    Rapsanory XMas Edition!

    A story from us to you this Christmas.  
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  • 11/12/20

    Class Secret Santa

    Every year here at RAPS each class buys another some presents for their wet play cupboards. Have a look at what we got in Team Gunson this year... Thank you Secret Santa!
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  • 08/12/20

    Spellings w/c 07.12.2020

    This week we are looking at words with the suffix _ly. We have learned that if an adjective is more than 2 syllables we drop the 'y' and add 'ily' and if the word ends in a 'c' we add 'ally'. This weeks words are listed below:
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  • 03/12/20

    Next Week

    Please see below for important information about next week.
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  • 02/12/20

    Reading Records

    Please see below for some information about reading records.
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  • 01/12/20

    Electrical Circuit Modelling

    After exploring different circuit components and creating simple circuits we planned our own model toys using them. Some children created clowns with spinning bow ties or light up noses. Some chose to make houses with buzzers for doorbells and windows that light up. See below for more pictures.
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  • 30/11/20

    Spellings w/c 30.11.2020

    This week we continue with the prefix 'auto' meaning self. The spelling that will be tested on Friday are: automatically, autobiographical, autographed, automating, autobiographies; plus our jumping orange words: bicycle, business, calendar, consider and centre.
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  • 11/11/20

    Formal Letter Writing

    This week we are using our class novel 'Clockwork' to inspire us to write persuasive letters. Read on below...
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