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Ramsgate Arts Primary School

Ramsgate Arts Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Day 1 of Term 1

What an incredible first day back!

I know I sent out a message yesterday with a lot of key information (and there is more information to come!) so I wanted to use this post to say WOW and to say thank you! All of the children in today came back into the classroom brilliantly - as a team, we were completely blown away and proud to be a part of their day too! Whilst initial days back are always full of information and routines that are naturally a lot to take in for adults and children alike, I can only say that (especially in light of the past few months) I would not think Team Amin had been outside of the classroom long at all. They were outstanding and full of enthusiasm and though, of course, there will be teething problems and tiredness (with the new school day), their transition back really is a testament to parents, carers and guardians too!

They will have come home with a new reading record today and logins for TTRS, Mathletics and Bug Club. I will address Bug Club in my next blog post as there have been technical issues with the logins, but please be reassured that all of Team Amin will have the chance to explore all three home (and school) learning resources this term with me. TTRS will be used a lot and I hope the children will use the site at home as well too to learn their times tables, especially as they are so important and useful to know.

Team Amin have also been set their first Love to Learn (see blog post). 

I cannot wait to watch them grow as learners and to be a part of their RAPS journey. If there is anything, do not hesitate to catch me on the playground, to send a note up in the morning or to send an email in to the office!

Best wishes, Miss Amin

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