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Learning at Home

Some useful notes for next week for children learning from home..

Here are some hopefully useful things to know for learning at home next week:

There will be three tasks (lessons) set each day that will mirror the lessons in school. This ensures that whatever decision you have made - be that to send your child in or keep them at home - they will get the same lessons / learning opportunities. 

Team Amin's three lessons will be Maths, English and Topic (as we completed our RE unit at the start of Term).

For those at home, I will be delivering Maths live from home to the classroom and Teams at 9am. Children are expected to log in via Teams and I will go through a presentation to explain the day's learning. Following this, the children can say goodbye and complete the task set. All learning set for this week is consolidation for us so all children will have a starting point and some previous knowledge :)

The English and Topic lessons will be posted first thing in the morning on Teams as well.

Our English will have a presentation for the children to read through with recorded voice instructions as well. We are going to be writing our own prequel narratives over the next few days and we can be as creative and imaginative as we like!

Topic will be given as a written instruction whereby the children will read information slides within a presentation and watch corresponding videos before having a go at a follow-up activity. For this, all children will need a light source (a torch ideally). Later in the week, we will complete our Topic Quiz to end the unit! WOW!

I am currently in the process of recording our class reader Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so that children at home do not miss out on our wonderful story. You will be able to access/download the Powerpoint for this via Teams if you want to listen along, Team Amin. 

There will be a chance to log in again in the afternoon (at 1pm) to discuss any problems or misconceptions regarding the set tasks.

If you are having any technical problems regarding Teams, can I ask that you please contact the school office in the first instance. For any learning queries, please do not hesitate to contact me :) 

I look forward to seeing you all in the morning (hopefully with as few technical issues as possible). Team Amin, please remember to find a quiet place where you won't be easily distracted!

Have a lovely Sunday,

Miss Amin

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