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First Steps in New School

A group of four year olds are first pupils to see inside Ramsgate Arts Primary, Thanet’s latest school.

The Reception group children were invited into school with their families on Friday, September 1, a week before the new school term started.

They explored the specially-designed building, played with games and toys, enjoyed an outdoor picnic, and met their new classmates.

Nick Budge, Head of School, said the special event was a success. He added: “We are extremely proud of our new school – and we wanted to give our very first new intake of children the chance to be the first pupils to set foot in the building.

“Feedback from the pupils and families has been excellent and we are raring to go with a new school year.”

Ramsgate Arts Primary School will focus on specialist teaching of arts subjects including dance, music, drama and art, in specially-designed studios, while also delivering the International Primary Curriculum.

Ramsgate Arts Primary School is part of the Viking Academy Trust with Upton Junior School and Chilton Primary School.